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Alberta Women And CalHeat Men Earn First Place At 2020 California Cup

Jan. 28, 2020, 10:20 a.m. (ET)

The event took place at the Centerville Junior High School gymnasium in Fremont, California.

 The 14th annual California Cup concluded in Fremont, California, with wins from the Alberta women and San Francisco CalHeat men. 
"This year's California Cup was another event for the books. Despite a last-minute absence, we've managed to put together a competitive tournament with a total of 12 teams. I'm glad all SF CalHeat teams ended up the weekend with a medal," said event organizer and CalHeat leader Danilo Rojevic.
"The women's division offered great match-ups, though Alberta came up to be too strong and earned the gold. In the men's division, the level was more heterogenous, but what an epic final (and rematch) between my team and Alberta! I really want to congratulate both teams and their players for delivering such a performance. Alberta definitely belongs in the top four category in the United States."

On the women's side, Alberta emerged undefeated after five matches. 

"I was particularly surprised by the good level of the women's team. Apart from maybe one or two games, all confrontations were very close," said CalHeat women's coach Tina Alavanja. "Three teams ended up with two wins and two losses. We hope to expand the lineup in the future and have New York City rejoin, and Boston finally come up. This would finally allow us to elevate the level of women's handball in the country."
Final Ranking (women)
1. Alberta (5-0-0)
2. SF CalHeat (2-0-2)
3. Chicago Inter (2-0-2)
4. Team Rogue (2-0-2)
5. SF CalHeat II (0-0-4)
Most Valuable Player: Haven Wong (Alberta)
Most Valuable Goalkeeper: Athena Del Rosario (SF CalHeat)
Top Scorer: Haven Wong (Alberta)
Final Ranking (men)
1. SF CalHeat
2. Alberta
3. SF CalHeat II
4. Los Angeles THC
5. Army West Point Black
6. US Air Force Academy
7. Chicago Inter
Gold: SF CalHeat-Alberta 21:18
Bronze: SF CalHeat II-Los Angeles THC 24:16
Most Valuable Player: Eloy Rubio (SF CalHeat)
Most Valuable Goalkeeper: Lucas Kroeger (SF CalHeat)
Top Scorer: Kraig Fischer (Alberta) / Eloy Rubio (SF CalHeat)