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Dallas and Houston To Host Third Edition Of The Texas Cup This Weekend

Dec. 04, 2019, 9:14 a.m. (ET)

The women's side of the Texas Cup grew from two teams last year to four teams this year. Ania Taylor of Dallas Team Handball Club said there has been a much larger interest in the women's division this year.

The handball community will travel to Texas this week, with Dallas Team Handball Club and the Houston Firehawks co-hosting the Texas Cup on December 7 and 8. 

The tournament will feature four women's teams and eight men's teams. 2019's event will be the third edition of the Texas Cup, which will take place at Drive Nation in Irving, Texas. 

San Francisco CalHeat Team Handball Club won the men’s division in 2017 and 2018, as well as the women’s division last year. There was no women’s division in 2017's tournament. 

"In terms of turnout and participation, this is the biggest year we've ever had for this tournament. I think that speaks to how we've grown as a club," said event organizer and Dallas Team Handball Club member Sascha Kiehne.

"Dallas Team Handball Club has grown quite a bit. We have a roster or pool on the men's side of about 20 to 30 people. On the women's side, we had only one woman participating up until a year ago. In the past year, we've had around five. We're hoping at some point that we can build a full women's team." 

2019 marks the first year that Canadian teams will participate in the Texas Cup. Alberta Team Handball will send two of its teams to compete on the women's side. 

"There'll be a bit of an international aspect to the Texas Cup. That's a new thing for us," Kiehne said, who plays left or right back or pivot. "We're not that close to the Canadian border, obviously. We're in contact with some Mexican and Honduran handball teams as well, but they unfortunately weren't able to make it this time."


Ania Taylor, fellow event organizer and Dallas Team Handball Club member, mentioned the great interest in the women's division this year.

"We only planned for four teams, but it sold out so quickly. Last year we only had two women's teams playing, so it's growing quite a bit, " Taylor said, who usually plays left back or wing.

"The women of Dallas joined forces with Houston in the past and it was super easy to join their team, they were very welcoming. We're doing that again this year, but we're hoping for the future that we'll be able to build our own team. That's definitely the plan." 

The match schedule and an event live-stream can be found on the Dallas Team Handball Facebook page. The Texas Cup is open and free to the public. 

Women's Teams:

Alberta Youth
Alberta Elite
Houston Firehawks

San Francisco CalHeat

Men's Teams:

Air Force 
Chicago Inter Handball Club

Dallas THC
Houston Firehawks
Miami Inter Handball Club
New York Athletic Club
San Francisco CalHeat
Texas A&M  

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