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USA Jr Men take Bronze at IHF Trophy Intercontinental Championship

April 15, 2019, 12 p.m. (ET)

(USA Jr Men; Front R-L: Elyes Batagi, Asaf Bengozi, Nik Zarikos, Amar Amitovic, Aaron Hamm, Mike Zahour; Back: Asst Coach Pierre Binderis, Head Coach Julio Sainz, Zach Rietz, William Kennedy, Jonas Stromberg, Rene Ingram, Marko Babic, Sebastian Wheeler, Austin Koury, Goani Dobrani, Trainer Lauren Church)

This past weekend the USA Jr Men finished up their IHF Trophy campaign securing a bronze medal with a hard fought 36-34 victory in extra time over Paraguay.  The win was a nice bounce back after a disappointing 41-36 loss vs Chinese Taipei in the semifinals.  Hosts Kosovo ended up taking Gold with a 30-26 win in the Gold medal match.

Head Coach Julio Sainz indicated that he was pleased with the team’s overall performance and that they had learned a lot during the course of the tourney.  He also feels that it was great preparation for the Men’s Jr World Championships later this summer in Spain from 16-28 July.  In terms of tournament honors Asaf Bengozi was the leading scorer of the tournament with 36 goals in 4 games while goalkeeper, Rene Ingram had the most saves, stopping 71 saves from a 180 shots (39%)

USA Scoring vs Chinese Taipei (Semifinal)

Asaf Bengozi, 10
Amar Amitovic, 10
Elyes Batagi, 7
Sebastian Wheeler, 3
William Kennedy, 2
Giona Dobrani, 1
Jonas Stromberg, 1
Marko Babic, 1
Austin Koury, 1

USA Scoring vs Paraguay (Bronze Medal Match)

Asaf Bengozi, 11
Giona Dobrani, 6
Amar Amitovic, 4
Nikolas Zarikos, 4
Elyes Batagi, 3
Jonas Stromberg, 3
Sebastian Wheeler, 2
Aaron Hamm, 2
Austin Koury, 1


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