Board of Directors Election Notice

Nov. 28, 2018, 12 p.m. (ET)

TO: USATH Membership

The USA Team Handball (USATH) Bylaws direct our organization to hold a general election for Board of Directors seats when the designated terms for those seats have expired.

There are three (3) Independent Director Terms ending at the close of 2018. These positions are elected by the Nominating and Governance Committee.  Additionally, two (2) General Membership Director Terms will end at the close of 2018 as well, these seats are elected by the membership of USA Team Handball.

If you are interested or know of someone who is interested and willing to serve if elected, please submit names to USATH CEO, Michael D. Cavanaugh at by December 15, 2018.  You may also submit a biography / resume or campaign flyer supporting your candidacy for the Board of Directors positions available.  This submission is to be one-page maximum in length, with 1” margins and in 12 point font.

Candidates must agree to pass SafeSport certification (a free, on-line tutorial leading to certification upon passing) and pass a background check prior to being seated if elected.  Candidates must be current members of USATH to be considered as a candidate.

Candidates interested in becoming an Independent Director, of which there are (3), will have their information submitted to the Nominating and Governance Committee for their consideration.  USATH is especially interested in Independent Director Candidates with financial or legal background experience.

The two (2) General Membership, Board of Director positions are elected by the membership of USA Team Handball. Once we have compiled a final list of candidates, USA Team Handball will send ballots, bios/resumes/campaign flyers, and voting instructions and timelines to the general membership, which will be an approved electorate by the Board of Directors.

USATH welcomes your participation in the election process to help determine our senior leadership going forward!