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ROME 2018 - Saturday March 11

March 11, 2018, 8 p.m. (ET)

ROME 2018 – Saturday March 11th

The road to the World Championship Qualifier started today for the American Women’s National Team. Just arrived in Italy in the Centro Sportivo Olimpico of Rome Saturday night, the girls, coached by Christian Latulippe, started to train in order to prepare for the next tournaments coming in the next few months. 

A first training was scheduled this morning for the National Team where we could see new faces integrate the squad. Indeed, Elizabeth Lopez and Sif Skov Christensen appear for the first time under the US jersey. Thus, it is a younger team that arrived in Italy, led by the cornerstone of the squad as Sarah Gascon, Jence Rhoads, Kathleen Darling or Jennifer Fithian. The goal of this first training was to review all the tactics and start to create new relations between players.

A nap later for the girls (who are still trying to manage jetlag), a second training session was planned to prepare the game against Civitavecchia Monday evening. Tough handball started, with huge contacts and hard defense. The staff could see that the team does not lost that much since the last pool in France.

USA Team Handball which is still waiting for Sophie Fasold, Julia Sayer and Shani Levinkind will travel with confidence tomorrow in Civitavecchia. The good energy within the squad can predict a good result tomorrow in the North of Rome.

Flavioni Civitavecchia is currently standing 11th on 12th in the Italian Championship. With three victories on nineteen games, this club which is located at one hour from Rome, looks like a real danger for the USA. The Italian level is really unknown in the handball world that is why the team stay focus on this game.

Monday, March 12th – 18:30pm
Palasport of Civitavecchia