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Board President Dr. Harvey Schiller Bids Farewell

Feb. 05, 2018, 12 p.m. (ET)

USA Team Handball Board of Directors President, Dr. Harvey Schiller has announced his departure from his position.  In a letter to the Board of Directors and USATH members in advance of the recent Board meeting, Dr. Schiller thanked all who have helped him throughout his four-year term as President. Dr. Schiller described his term as both special and interesting.

Dr. Schiller also gave special thanks to all the volunteers who have worked diligently to contribute to the sport of team handball. He cited his view that much has been accomplished over the past four years, leaving it to others to cite the accomplishments.

What Dr. Schiller did not say, but what the membership should know is just how much he did to raise funds for the USATH to survive as an organization.  Although he won’t say it, those of us who do know are grateful for his significant personal contributions.  His generosity is unmatched and very much appreciated.   

Dr. Schiller announced that Board Vice-President Bob Djokovich will step up to serve as Board President for a 60-day period, pending elections and the filling of Board vacancies. A motion was made to accept Bob Djokovich as Interim President and Dr. Harvey Schiller as President Emeritus and it passed unanimously. 

USATH CEO Mike Cavanaugh stated, “Harvey Schiller will definitely be missed.  He has meant so much to USATH and his contributions have been immeasurable.  I will personally miss him as the President of our Board and someone with whom I have spent a lot of time dealing with the important issues our National Governing Body has dealt with over the last several years.  He's done a great job leading and working with other members of our Board of Directors in dealing with our challenges.”

Dr. Schiller has been highly supportive of the Auburn University Residency Program and the USATH National Teams, visiting Auburn University and meeting with School of Kinesiology Leadership, as well as spending time with athletes.  USATH Women’s National Team Captain Sarah Gascon, speaking on behalf of the residency athletes of both genders offered her sincere thanks to Dr. Schiller, “All of us here at Auburn University appreciate what Dr. Schiller has done for our NGB and our National Teams.  Even though funding is very difficult for us, Dr. Schiller always encouraged and supported our efforts to compete.  He contributed a lot of his own time and money to support USA Team Handball and our efforts to be competitive internationally.  It’s great to have the leader of our organization to be so committed to the athletes who love this sport.” 

The election process for available Board seats will be drafted by Michael Leonard, and will be presented to the membership as soon as possible.