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2018 College National Championships Recap

April 25, 2018, 12 p.m. (ET)

As Friday afternoon arrived, the nine men’s teams and four women’s teams arrived in Arvin Gym in West Point, NY, determined and ready to call themselves the next College National Champion. Teams drove for hours on end, flew into Newburgh, NY, and NYC, and found every conceivable way to reach West Point in time for the first games.

By Saturday morning, men’s teams were reseeded in pools D, E, and F, based on their earlier results. Pool D teams (Army WPB, UVA, and USAFA) were guaranteed a semifinal spot, and could use Saturday’s game for positioning and to feel out potential SF and Finals opponents. Pool E teams (Army WPG, OSU Grey, and UNC) were fighting for a semifinal spot, while Pool F teams were working for placement. After a 15-15 draw between Army WPG and Carolina, UNC needed to win big against Ohio State University Grey to have a chance for the semifinals. In a physical altercation, UNC earned the win they needed, but Army WPG earned the semifinals trip.

The women’s semifinals on Sunday were between Army WPB and Army WPG and Penn State University and the University of North Carolina. The former was a battle between teams that had practiced all year, with the Army WPG team hungry to get the upset. In the end, Army WPB defeated Army WPG 16-12. The latter was a physical contest between squads with different playing philosophies. After a very low scoring group stage game, Penn State’s defense would come together and hold UNC to 6 goals, earning a trip to the finals.

The men’s semifinals were full of rivalry games: Army WPB would play Army WPG in a battle that normally occurs four days a week at practice. Upstairs, in a rematch of last year’s semifinal, UVA took on USAFA in an entertaining contest. Army WPB and UVA won their respective contests, setting up a much anticipated rematch for the National Championship.

The women’s final was played between 6-time defending National Champion Army West Point Black and upstart Penn State Team Handball, who surprised the home team with a 13-13 tie in group play. This was Penn State’s first year of competition at any level, as the team only learned the game the previous April… From Army West Point Black!

This match was a clash of styles, as Army WPB looked to push their tempo and work for secondary break shots and breakthroughs, while Penn State’s goal was to slow the game as much as possible and let their defense and goalkeeper stifle Army WPB’s offense.

At least, that was the idea.

Penn State was the team to break early, causing a few turnovers on Army WPB’s backcourt, leading to some rare fast break goals by the Nittany Lions. They soon realized they couldn’t play this pace, as Army WPB's backcourt of Gabby Purnell, Morgan Morris, and Kianna Duncan were far more experienced and skilled at a quick game. Falling back into a 6-0, Penn State was focused on stopping the Army WPB backcourt, giving Army WPB’s RW Lindsay Kiernan opportunities to score early on.

As the second half began, Penn State kept a slight lead on the defending National Champions. Some smart play from Madeline Hindermyer kept Penn State in their pace and gameplan, forcing Army WPB to alter theirs. The home team extended their defense into an advanced 3-2-1, attempting to stifle the backcourt of Penn State. For the most part, this plan worked, as Morgan Morris earned a number of steals for her team.

However, the individual play of Mary Lauren Micou and Maria Carolina Araujo against the player marking was slightly too much, and Penn State eked out their first ever National Championship with a 10-9 victory.

The heartbreak of the women’s final left the pro-West Point crowd determined to see a victory from their men in their final. With UVA as the opponent, every attendee in Arvin Gym knew this would be no easy ask.

Army WPB came out motivated, jumping to quick 4-0 lead on their familiar opponent; these two teams faced each other earlier in the tournament (20-11) and in NTHL play (20-16) in the very same building. UVA focused on their unique style of play and clawed back to a 2-goal game by halftime.

The second half was more of the same, with Army WPB growing their lead to six goals (21-15), and UVA – led by graduating seniors John Kretzschmar and Christian Vila -- slowly working their way back. After a few seven meter penalties earned by Taylor Downey and Ben Kilpatrick, UVA found themselves tied late with the home team.

A huge goal from Army WPB gave them a 26-25 lead with a minute to go. A turnover by UVA and a huge save by Michael Monsen later, and UVA found themselves with 20 seconds on the clock and a chance to send the final to OT. Calling their “Jersey” play, Austin Madrzyk attempted to complete a daring Kempa play to surprise Army WPB goalie Liam Lynch; however, Jeremy Mortensen from Army WPB was there to intercept the Kempa attempt and seal the College National Championship for Army WPB for the 12th consecutive year.


Men’s Most Valuable Player - Logan Ormsby (USAFA)

Men’s Most Valuable Goalkeeper - Jordan Wenske (Texas A&M)

Men’s Top Scorer - Logan Ormsby (USAFA) - 48 goals

Women’s Most Valuable Player - Ansley Davenport (Army WPG)

Women’s Most Valuable Goalkeeper - Fredrikke Johansen (Penn State)

Women’s Top Scorer - Ansley Davenport (Army WPG) - 36 goals

Men’s All Americans

1st Team

Nicholas Ange (Texas A&M)

Timothy Ford (UVA)

Austin Madryzk (UVA)

Spencer Klehn (Army WPB)

2nd Team

Ty Turner (Penn State)

Christopher Magan (Penn State)

Yasin Al-Fahham (Penn State)

Max Purzak (Penn State)

Gregory Guidry (Texas A&M)

Truman Brody-Boyd (UVA)

Steven Hume (UVA)

Christian Vila (UVA)

Eugene Thagard (Army WPG)

William Ratliff (Army WPB)

William Beiswenger (Army WPB)

Women’s All Americans

1st Team

Maddy Hindermyer (Penn State)

Rachel McGrath (Carolina)

Natalie Nepa (Army WPB)

2nd Team

Maria Carolina Araujo (Penn State)

Mary Lauren Micou (Penn State)

Leah Suydom (Penn State)

Maddie Keane (Penn State)

Paulina Powierza (Carolina)

Ellie Cahill (Carolina)

Devon Biller (Carolina)

Olivia Beattie (Army WPB)

Christina Bouvier (Army WPB)

Alanna Severt (Army WPG)

Final Standings

Men’s (W-T-L)

Women’s (W-T-L)

1. Army West Point Black (6-0)

1. Penn State University (4-1-0)

2. University of Virginia (4-2)

2. Army West Point Black (3-1-1)

3. Army West Point Gold (3-1-2)

3. University of North Carolina (2-3)

4. US Air Force Academy (2-4)

4. Army West Point Gold (0-5)

5. University of North Carolina (3-1-1)

6. Ohio State University - Grey (2-4)

7. Texas A&M University (2-1-3)

8. Penn State University (2-1-3)

9. Ohio State University - Scarlet (0-5)



Friday, April 20th

Team 1

Team 2

Team 1

Team 2


2nd Floor (2x20+5)


4th Floor (2x20+5)


USAFA - 23

Texas A&M - 14


Army WPB - 19

OSU Grey - 10


Army WPB - 24

PSU - 13


UVA - 20

OSU Scarlet - 5


USAFA - 21

UNC -14


Penn State - Women - 14

Army WP Gold - Women - 12


OSU Grey - 12

PSU - 7


UVA - 23

Army WPG - 19


Army WP Black - Women - 18

UNC - Women - 7


Army WPG - 30

OSU Scarlet - 12

Saturday, April 21st


2nd Floor (2x20+5)


4th Floor (2x20+5)


Penn State - Women 7

UNC - Women 5


UNC 13

Texas A&M 12


UVA 11

Army WPB 20


OSU Scarlet 11

PSU 13


UNC - Women - 16

Army WP Gold - Women - 11


Army WPG 22

OSU Grey 16


UVA 21



Army WP Black - Women - 13

Penn State - Women - 13


Army WPG 15

UNC 15


OSU Scarlet 7

Texas A&M 19


Army WP Gold - Women 13

Army WP Black - Women 25



Army WPB 25


Texas A&M 13

PSU 13


UNC 21

OSU Grey 20



Women's Semifinal 2 (2x20+10)

PSU-W 12

UNC - W 6


6/7 Classification (2x25+10)


Women's Semifinal 1 (2x20+10)

OSU-G 26

A&M 18

WPB-W 16

WPG-W 12

Sunday, April 22nd


2nd Floor


4th Floor


8/9 Classification (2x25+10)


Men's 5th Place (2x25+10)

PSU 19

OSU-S 14

UNC 24

OSU-G 23


Men's Semifinal 1 (2x25+10)


Men's Semifinal 2 (2x25+10)

Army WPB 28

Army WPG 21

UVA 23



Men's 7th Place (2x25+10)


Women's 3rd Place (2x25 + OT)

Texas A&M 24

PSU 12

UNC-W 18

Army WPB-G 17


Men's 3rd Place (2x30+10)


Women's Final 2x25



PSU-W 10

Army WPB-W 9



Men's Final (2x30 + 10)

WPB 26

UVA 25