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Successful Residency Program Tryouts at Auburn

Nov. 20, 2016, 1:17 p.m. (ET)

National Team Tryouts Continue:

Head Coaches Focus on 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games provided NBC plenty of excitement, yet one sport continues to reap a rich harvest of interest, Team Handball was featured by the network, leaving viewers throughout the United States totally intrigued. This spike in interest in the sport is bringing dividends to the USA National Team Program as both Head Coach Javier Garcia-Cuesta of the Men’s National Team, and Christian Latulippe of the Women’s National Team received an influx of emails from athletes interested in learning more about our high-performance program, perhaps with an eye on making Team USA for the 2019 Pan American Games in Peru leading to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Head Coach Garcia-Cuesta was quite pleased with several of the prospects who recently participated in a Men’s National Team Tryout at Auburn University, the home of USATH’s National Residency Program. In fact, he was also very optimistic in assessing the future of the Men’s National team. He was impressed with eight athletes in the recent weekend tryout camp and invited them to participate in the Auburn Residency Program. These athletes, and the possible future participation of several outstanding members of the Men’s Junior National Team has reassured Garcia-Cuesta that the Men’s National Team is solidly on track to field strong teams in the future.

Head Coach Latulippe is faced with a different set of challenges in trying to reconstitute the Women’s National Team. His numbers of prospects are significantly smaller. In July, he found two athletes worthy of an invitation to the residency effort, and this past weekend he found two others. This past weekend the Women’s National Team hosted the United States Military Academy, West Point, again presenting an opportunity to observe several potential future WNT members. Latulippe is anxiously awaiting the December tryout camp where he has several other hopefuls scheduled to tryout. He is encouraged by having a wealth of American talent playing at various levels in Europe. The combination of the residency athletes, the European athletes, and the new prospects have Latulippe looking forward to assembling a much-improved Women’s National Team for the 2017 international competitions.

The USA Team Handball National Team Residency Program is a partnership effort with the School of Kinesiology of Auburn University, located in Auburn, Alabama. The School of Kinesiology and Auburn University have developed an ideal venue for the USA to train and practice. USA Team Handball Auburn University Residency Program offers the best of all training opportunities to those athletes committed to trying to achieve greatness and seeking to help the USA become competitive on the international stage.

Tryouts are conducted at the famous Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum on the campus at Auburn University. Those athletes interested in trying out to demonstrate they have the physical and mental attributes to be considered for the USA National Team Program and a chance to become an Olympian should send an email to Head Coach Javier Garcia Cuesta at for the Men’s National Team, and Head Coach Christian Latulippe at for the Women’s National Team.

Coach Garcia-Cuesta will determine the next tryout date for the Men’s National Team based on interest, and the Women’s National Team has a scheduled tryout December 17th-18th, 2016.