USA Team Handball's membership services are available online at, the official membership sales administrator for USATH. All purchases are secure. If you have any questions about membership, please contact or USATH's Colorado Springs office at 719-866-2203.  

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USA Team Handball Dues Structure

The new membership policy has several purposes in mind – to recruit new members and supporting members, to help fund local club activity and provide more value to the clubs in the form of a rebate, discounts and additional benefits as they become available.

The calendar year for memberships will be September 1 to August 31. This will make it much more efficient overall. The Handball season basically runs for September through the following May.
The new aspect of membership is the Rebate plan. Most memberships that are associated with a Handball club will result in a $10-$15 rebate (sent to that club in the form of a check). The club can use these monies for local activities such as tournaments, court costs, referees, Handball equipment or other activities that will foster Handball growth. Membership Levels and Rebates are as follows:

o Collegiate Club Registration: $100.00 (no change)
o Non-Collegiate Club Registration: $200.00 (no change)
o Individual Adult Player Registration: $70.00 ($15 rebate)
o Individual Junior Player (U21) Registration: $50.00($10 rebate)
o Individual Youth Player (U14) Registration: $20.00 (no change)
o Individual Mini-Handball (U10) Registration: $10.00 
o Coach Registration: $70.00 ($15 rebate to the club)
o Referee Registration: $70.00($15 rebate to support referee activity)
o Supporting Membership: $50.00 ($10.00 rebate)(alumni, non-players)
o Lifetime Membership: $750.00 (Active) 
o Lifetime Membership: $600.00 (Supporting)
o All Olympians are lifetime members