New Associate and Assistant National Poomsae Team Coaches Announced


(February 15, 2018) -- USA Taekwondo has appointed 6 new coaches to the USA National Poomsae Team coaching staff. The coaches applied through the selection procedures posted to the USA Taekwondo site and their applications were reviewed by a selection committee that included High Performance Director May Spence, USA National Poomsae Team Head Coach Dan Chuang, USA National Poomsae Team Coaches Barbara Brand and David Turgeon, and AAC representative Ron Southwick. National Team Coach Huy Nguyen recused himself from the selection committee to prevent a conflict of interest.


Three Associate National Team Coaches were appointed: Jung Jin (CA), Long Nguyen (CA), Justin Wang (CA). Two Assistant National team coaches were also appointed: Thu Doolittle (TX) and Anh Nguyen (CA).


The USA National Poomsae Team staff are excited to welcome the new coaches, who will be tasked with supporting the current National Team Coaches at seminars, camps and national team events.