The WTF Kukkiwon office has rules and regulations regarding these procedures.  The USA Taekwondo Dan office requires that all instructors follow these rules.  The procedures to submit a Skip Dan application are as follows:
Guidelines for Processing
  • Starting in 2006 the Dan processing fees will increase $15.00 if the student is not a USAT member.  This applies to the Skip Dan payment.
  • vFill out an application for promotion and a Skip Dan form in its entirety.
  • vThe Skip Dan form needs to be typed and filled out completely. It will require detailed justification for skipping promotions and a detailed training/teaching history with dates.  Please provide as much information as possible.
  • vYou will be required to pay for each level skipped.  Example: 1st to 3rd Dan will pay for 2nd and 3rd in one form of payment.
  • vThose who want to skip more than one rank are required to take a practical test at the Kukkiwon office in Korea. Kukkiwon will only allow each individual to apply for a Skip Dan once in their lifetime.
  • vProvide a copy of any current Kukkiwon certification. Example: If they are applying to skip from 2nd to 4th Dan, send a copy of the 1st and 2nd Dan certificate.
  • vMake sure the time requirements have been met between each level up to the level being requested. The applications will be returned if the time requirement has not been met. There are no exceptions for minimum time.
  • vThe instructor that is submitting the application must be one Dan level above the student.
  • vThe individual applying for the Skip Dan promotion must already have at least 1st Dan Kukkiwon certification.  The exception to this is if the instructor is applying for a skip from 0-2nd degree, then the instructor must provide any certification the student has earned.
  • vThere is no skip to 6th Dan.
  • vProcessing time for a Skip Dan is 4-6 months.
Please follow these guidelines exactly before submitting the applications.
Note: Submitting an application for a Skip Dan does not guarantee approval from the Kukkiwon Dan Board. Our office will contact you as soon as we receive the final decision from the Kukkiwon office in Korea.
If there are any additional questions please contact our office at 719-866-3632.

Skip Dan Recommendation