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2022 USATKD Poomsae Grand Slam

Nov. 09, 2021, 4:51 p.m. (ET)

(Nov 9, 2021) - The 2022 USATKD Poomsae Grand Slam will take place at the Hotel Elegante Conference and Event Center, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, January 13th - 16th.


The top 16 athletes in the world class individual, pairs, and teams recognized, and freestyle divisions will be invited to participate in the Grand Slam. The Grand Slam is a US 20.0 Major Tournament that can earn athletes valuable points towards making the 2022 World Championship team.  


Invitations to the Grand Slam will be based off the points posted on December 1, 2021.    


Athletes wishing to compete in the Recognized Teams or Pairs division at the Poomsae Grand Slam must complete the interest form by Monday, November 29. If a team or pair does not complete this form in its entirety by November 29, they will not be eligible for the Poomsae Grand Slam teams or pairs division. The points from each athlete will be added together and the highest 16 ranked teams or pairs based off the combined points will be invited to the Poomsae Grand Slam. Only one athlete per team or pair should complete the interest form.  


Recognized Pairs Grand Slam Interest Form

Recognized Teams Grand Slam Interest Form


Freestyle pairs and teams will be open. For an athlete to be eligible for the Freestyle pairs or teams divisions they must have competed in the freestyle individual, pairs, or teams divisions at a USATKD sanctioned tournament in 2021. 


The first round of invitations will be emailed out by December 6th. Athletes will have until December 20th to accept the invitation. After December 20th the next eligible athlete, pair, or team will be invited in their place.   


To view the Poomsae Grand Slam Schedule Click Here


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Hotel Elegante Conference and Event Center

2886 S Circle Drive

Colorado Springs, CO  80906