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Lynda Laurin Selected for the IOC International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program

Oct. 31, 2020, 4:49 p.m. (ET)

(Oct 31, 2020) - USA Taekwondo’s National Team Assistant Coach Lynda Laurin a Brownsville, Texas native and owner of L3 Performance Training Center was selected to be part of the very prestigious International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program (ICECP). The ICECP is overseen by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) which Laurin was selected to be part of and named as one of 47 elite coaches across the world and one out of the four representatives from the United States. The ICECP is an intensive coaches’ education program invested in by the IOC through Olympic Solidarity which brings together a select group of national level coaches across the world and those responsible for the development of their sport in their country for world-class training opportunities to enhance their knowledge and expertise. United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) Leadership shared, “We are honored to be able to be involved with a program that contributes to the Olympic Movement’s greatest asset—its human capital. Through the ICECP program we are not only training coaches, but we are touching individuals by supporting their human development as well as developing friendships world-wide, and this shared international partnership is one of the Olympic Movement’s greatest strengths.” 

Those selected alike Laurin will proceed through the 1-year long program to further develop their skills and competencies in the areas of coaching leadership, sport sciences, talent identification, athlete development, coaching education, grassroots sport development and ethical aspects of coaching across all levels of competition across multiple sports. As part of the intended outcome of the IOC ICECP program, Laurin will develop a dual-research project with the end goal of contributing toward evidence-based athlete-coach talent identification and development, education of aspiring coaches, and the creation of an important and sustainable contribution to the sport of Taekwondo and the Olympic movement world-wide.    


Laurin who has been a Taekwondo practitioner since the early age of 5, has dedicated her life to Taekwondo a sport she is very passionate about. As a former Board of Director member for USA Taekwondo (USATKD), former USA National Team Athlete and current USA National Team Coach, Laurin has served in many roles throughout her years with USA Taekwondo and also within the USOPC by her election as a former USAT-USOPC Athletes’ Advisory Council (AAC) Representative, and USOPC Vice-Lead on the Athletes Advisory Council Leadership Team across all USA Olympic and Paralympic Sports. 


Laurin now focuses on coaching and running her L3 Performance Taekwondo Training Center in Texas, where she helps train and develop young athletes to become top USA Taekwondo athletes. Laurin who is currently a National Team Assistant coach said, “Taekwondo and Sports have been one of my greatest passions since childhood. To be selected through the International Olympic Committee alongside an elite group of world-wide coaches is an incredible and humbling feeling. To be further supported by IOC Olympic Solidarity and named amongst the upper echelon 1 of 47 elite coaches spanning across all sports, all cultures, and all countries with the opportunity to develop a sustainable sport contribution and present in Lausanne, Switzerland, (Headquarters to the IOC) is surreal.” 


When asked to reflect on her Taekwondo career and her relationship with the Taekwondo community Laurin said, “I look through the carousel of each of your faces – the aspiring youth athlete, the amazing elite, the inspiring coach – the cheering parent, and the legacy generation of those who have come before, and those who are yet to come.  Each of you encompasses a spectacular network of belief which flows and connects us all generation through generation, and it is our interactions that have impacted and continued to shape me today. I have immense gratitude for the good, for the challenges, for the joys, and the heartaches, and more than ever look forward to taking part in a process with the end goal of making a sustainable contribution to each of you and sport world-wide.”


It’s needless to say Laurin is a perfect candidate for this program, she has dedicated an excellent body of work to Taekwondo having grown and excelled from an exceptional athlete into a highly acclaimed professional and is an outstanding and accomplished coach. Due to her work ethic, experience, personal moral and ethical beliefs, and professional drive and will to succeed needed to represent, Laurin will benefit from the IOC ICECP program and will return numerous benefits to Taekwondo and our NOC by implementing her research for the ICECP in the USA.