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Welcome to the inaugural Summer Of Poomsae!

June 25, 2020, 1:58 p.m. (ET)

(June 25, 2020) - USA Taekwondo is announcing the exciting and innovative Summer of Poomsae competition - a brand new event type designed to fill the void of serious competition that has been forced upon the sport due to COVID-19. 


Summer of Poomsae will be the first event which will carry weight in the National Team selection process. This broadcast focused event will see athletes from across the U.S. competing against each other online for several weeks in order to earn the first points ever awarded in the brand new U.S. National Poomsae Rankings. 


With all the high quality live stream and production values that have become synomonous with USA Taekwondo events over the last couple of years, which was a substantial driving force that generated near 500,000 viewers during the 2019 Grand Slam Series. The Summer of Poomsae will provide unrivaled exposure to the many extremely talented Poomsae athletes, via a schedule of shows broadcast to the nation and the world online all through the long, hot summer. 


The first Summer of Poomsae show will air on July 24th - a date of particular importance as the previously intended day of the 2020 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony - and will feature incredible Poomsae performances, play by play commentary, backstories on select athletes and interviews with star competitors. The competition will begin with the senior athletes, and will be followed by all other competitor divisions. Detailed schedule will be announced shortly.


In another first, the event is open to both members and non-members of USA Taekwondo, providing the entire country, regardless of current level, the opportunity to compete, and importantly, be scored by international level referees - a unique and amazing opportunity to have your skills and progress assessed by some of the best judges in the world. As a benefit of membership, USA Taekwondo members will receive a significant discount on registration fees.


The event, which will be sanctioned at 8.0 level, will be the first opportunity for U.S. Poomsae athletes to claim their places at the top of the rankings. National Rankings will play a significant role in the new Poomsae National Pathways, which will be announced soon.  


In addition to the inaugural Summer of Poomsae, USA Taekwondo will be hosting a Poomsae athlete online training seminar. This seminar will be included with your event registration and will be taught by our own USA National Team coaches. The online training seminar will be available on demand through a shared link which will be distributed to those who have registered. The Poomsae athlete online training seminar will be available before video submissions are due, to provide the opportunity to refine and then deliver your best performance. The seminar will focus on accuracy and presentation as well as different drills and trainings to develop your Poomsae techniques. So make sure you get registered for your event so that you can be included on this amazing online training!


USA Taekwondo is where events and programs shine a light on the different types of disciplines in the sport of Taekwondo such as Poomsae. As the organization continues to strive for growth these are more essential steps to enhance the discipline of Poomsae in today’s modern era.


To mark the occasion of the inaugural Summer of Poomsae we have designed an exclusive t-shirt/tank top that will be available at a discounted price to all registered athletes - get yours and every time you wear it you can show your love for your sport all summer long!


Registration for the Summer of Poomsae is officially open, log on to your account on the brand new Sport:80 membership platform by clicking here.

(Please note: Information regarding the U.S. National Poomsae Rankings and Poomsae Pathways will be announced soon.)