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USATKD Seeks Candidates for Referee Leadership Positions

Dec. 09, 2020, 3:33 a.m. (ET)

(Dec 9, 2020) - USA Taekwondo is calling for referees who have a passion to make the U.S. Referee Program the best in the world to put their names forward for consideration for leadership positions in 2021 and beyond. From January of next year the Referee Chair position will change to become a two year appointment, however there will not be a limit on the number of terms an individual may serve, meaning the organization will always be able to select the best person for the job for each two year term. Additionally, there will be no restriction on who can apply beyond being active members in good standing and the need to be current internationally. Past and present incumbents will receive due and fair consideration should they express interest.


Focus for the 2021-22 Referee Chair will be education, evaluation and recruitment, developing a thriving pipeline of both new and experienced referees, ensuring the future and standard of refereeing in the U.S. is world-renowned.


In addition to the Referee Chair, USA Taekwondo is also seeking candidates to work with the Referee Chair, with applicants being asked to focus on either Sparring or Poomsae.


Referee Chair candidates who apply will be asked to make a presentation to the USATKD CEO, Referee Director and USATKD Staff on how they would make the U S Referee program the best in the world, if their application were to be successful. To apply send an email to and state whether you wish to be considered for the Referee Chair position, or a leadership role working with the Referee Chair, specifying a preference for poomsae or sparring. Please also include a short statement detailing briefly why you believe you would be suitable for one of these positions. If your goal is to be Referee Chair, please be prepared to present on how would you envision making the U.S. Referee Program the best in the world? 


Applications should be received by close of business on December 18th 2020.