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Athlete Accelerator Program

Aug. 19, 2020, 3:42 p.m. (ET)

(August 19, 2020) - USA Taekwondo is launching the next phase of the Athlete Academy program, offering all qualified Junior and Senior Academy athletes the opportunity to participate in the new Athlete Accelerator Program – a series of intensive, two week long, world class training camps to be held at the National Center of Excellence in Colorado Springs. These training experiences are being offered free of charge to age eligible Academy athletes, and are designed to accelerate an athlete’s development, and provide insight into what life as a full time resident athlete will be like. They will also provide an opportunity to be assessed in detail by the National Team program coaches, providing a step towards being the next resident athlete.  


Academy Athletes have qualified through either winning a Major Tournament in the last 12 months, or graduating through the Talent ID program.


Athletes interested in the attending one of these two week camps will need to register in Sport80, and registration will be under the Development Section.  These camps will only be open to Junior and Senior Academy Athletes, and each two week block will be for a specific weight category. There is no cost to attend the camp, but athletes will need to provide their own transportation, meals, and housing.


Due to current COVID-19 restrictions and policies we will only be able to accept two athletes for each two-week camp at this time. If more athletes apply than there are available slots competition record and talent ID scouting reports will be used for the decision, and all other athletes will be waitlisted for the next opportunity in their weight division. As COVID-19 restrictions are eased we will assess when and if we can increase this number for each training block.


Due to current health concerns all athletes must be in Colorado no later than the Friday before their training begins. All athletes must have a COVID-19 Test upon arrival and will need to quarantine until the training begins, restricting contact with other people as much as possible, along with observing strict mask and social distancing protocols at all times for the duration of their stay. Temperatures will be taken and recorded each morning, and if an athlete feels unwell in any way, or develops symptoms they must not attend until they have received negative results from a COVID-19 test.   


To be considered for the camp athletes must submit a video of them stepping on a scale and showing their weight. Videos must be submitted to by 5 p.m. on the registration deadline for that division. Athletes will be allowed a threshold they must be under to be considered for that division (see below). Athletes will also be weighed on the first day of training.


Please note, athletes are not restricted to a specific weight division for the purposes of this program, and should register for the division that best suits their current weight.


We look forward to welcoming you to the National Center of Excellence and helping you on your journey to the top of the podium!


The Athlete Accelerator Program Training Blocks


September 21 – October 2

Female -49kg

Allowed 5% weight variance 

Registration Deadline:  August 30

Arrive to Colorado by:  September 18

Training:  September 21 – October 2


October 5 – October 16

Male -80kg 

Allowed 8% weight variance  

Registration Deadline:  September 13 

Arrive to Colorado by:  October 2

Training:  October 5 – October 16   


October 19 – October 30

Female -67kg 

Allowed 8% weight variance 

Registration Deadline:   September 27

Arrive to Colorado by:  October 16

Training:  October 19 – October 30  


November 2 – November 13

Male -68kg 

Allowed 6% weight variance 

Registration Deadline:  October 11 

Arrive to Colorado by:  October 30

Training:  November 2 – November 13


December 7 – December 18

Female -57kg 

Allowed 6% weight variance 

Registration Deadline:  November 15  

Arrive to Colorado by:  December 4

Training:  December 7 – December 18


January 11 – January 22

Male +80kg

Registration Deadline:  December 20

Arrive to Colorado by:  January 8

Training:  January 11 – January 22

January 25 – February 5

Female +67kg

Registration Deadline:  January 3

Arrive to Colorado by:  January 22

Training:  January 25 – February 5


February 8 – February 19

Male -58kg

Allowed 5% weight variance 

Registration Deadline:  January 17

Arrive to Colorado by:  February 5

Training:  February 8 – February 19