Youth and Ultra National Team Recognition

April 25, 2020, 10 a.m. (ET)

April 25, 2020 - USA Taekwondo would like to congratulate and show recognition to the athletes who made the Youth and Ultra National Team. The athletes listed below trained hard to win to make team & were meant to compete at the 2020 Pan Am Youth, Cadet, and Ultra Championships. 


The 2020 Pan Am Youth, Cadet, & Ultra Championships were going to be held In Spokane, WA on May 21-24, 2020. Due to the current Pandemic many events have been cancelled or postponed all around the world which includes the Pan Am Championships. 


Youth, Cadet, and Ultra athletes were meant to compete at the Pan Am tournament and get the opportunity to represent  for Team USA. For the first time ever Tiger and Dragon Division athletes in both Sparring and Poomsae received the opportunity compete at the 2020 U.S. Open for a chance to be named part of the U.S. National Team alongside with the Cadet and Ultra Teams.


Listed below are the youth and Ultra U.S. National team members. 


(The Cadet Pathways was in place to select the Cadet Team)




Tiger (8-9 y/o)

M-25kg: Nathaniel Niculae

M-30kg: Ian Alcantara

M+30kg: Jordan Lane

F-25kg: Jessica Miciano Mayo

F-30kg: Arya Ilasin

F+30kg: Thwishaa Gudipudi


Youth (10-11 y/o)

F-30kg: Kylee No

F-35kg: Alexis Araneta

F-40kg: Anaisa Ramirez

F+40kg: Aylin Martinez Mejia

M-30kg: Lorenzo Pragano

M-35kg: Gabriel Pol

M-40kg: Adrian Rivas

M+40kg: Joshua Alade


Ultra (33-45)

F-49kg: Olga Cocha

F-57kg: Kimberly Peiler

F-67kg: Trinity Osborn

F+67kg: Eryn RedmonSteed

M-68kg: Joseph Van

M-80kg: Joseph Lupo

M+80kg: Keun Ryu


Ultra (46+)

F-49kg: Maria Kaiser

F-57kg: Jenn Hickok

F-67kg: Lori Katcher

F+67kg: Jennifer Congleton

M-58kg: Angelito Ong

M-68kg: Peter Chiang

M-80kg: Dane Satterwhite

M+80kg: Cy Zamani





Individual Male: Aiden jacob Decolongon

Individual Female: Noelle Ahn



Individual Male: Jayce Yi

Individual Female: Abigail Skrabak



Evan Yu

Zoey Dong


Male Team: 

Whye Jing Ong

Kobe Lok Yin Fung

Logan Silbaugh


Female Team: 

Gwen Legaspi

Cymone Janel Canton

Kelsey Tasem