US Junior Grand Slam Brackets and Schedule

Oct. 28, 2019, 2 p.m. (ET)

October 28, 2019 - The schedule and brackets for the Junior U.S. Grand Slam are ready to view below. USA Taekwondo is excited to see the 3rd U.S. Grand Slam of the year, after great success of both the Senior and Cadet Grand Slams. The Junior division is full of great and talented athletes and we are excited to see what the Juniors will bring to the National Center of Excellence on November 1 - 4.


(Please note: The brackets may change after weigh-in & the detailed schedule and Final Brackets will be posted the evening the day before each day competition.)


Click on the links below to view the schedule and brackets.

- Junior Grand Slam Schedule

- Day 1 Brackets (UPDATED)

- Day 1 Detailed Schedule 

- Day 1 Results (UPDATED)

- Day 2 Brackets (UPDATED)

- Day 2 Detailed Schedule 

- Day 2 Results

- Day 3 Brackets (UPDATED)

- Day 3 Detailed Schedule 

- Day 3 Results

- Day 4 Brackets (UPDATED)

- Day 4 Detailed Schedule

- Day 4 Results