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USA Taekwondo Announces Second Talent ID Camp in Florida

March 05, 2019, 2:19 p.m. (ET)

USA Taekwondo is excited to announce the second of its innovative new Talent ID camps, this time on the east coast in Florida on April 26-28, 2019.


After the huge success of the first camp, and the fever pitch interest in the second, we are expecting places to be filled quickly, so if you receive an invite shortly don’t hang around – get signed up asap! Invites will be issued based, for fairness, on the same rankings data used to issue invites for the first camp and will be based on your U.S. National Ranking AND geographic location in relation to the camp. Keep an eye on your registered Hangastar email over the next few days.


USA Taekwondo Events Director Jeanna Salgado said: “The first camp was amazing, and we expect the second to be even better – as California was the first time we had executed this particular concept we have learned from that, and although it went really well, we have taken a few lessons, made a few tweaks and you can expect an experience that you will really enjoy AND find valuable to your taekwondo development. And of course, the best of the best will move forward in the process and move closer to being identified as a potential future star and USA Taekwondo Athlete Academy member, with all of the great training and funding benefits that will come with that.


U.S. National Coaching Director Paul Green will be in attendance once again, running his eye over the up and coming talent. Ultimately Paul, along with his team, will make the final decision on who and how many athletes progress through to the Academy, so make sure that you show your very best!


Once you have registered for the camp USA Taekwondo will send you details of the schedule, and more details of what exactly will be being assessed so that you can make sure you are well prepared – the camp will include both combine style metrics testing, sparring training and of course actual sparring to help us build a database of all of the talent in the United States right now, and plot a development course for each and every athlete who has the potential to compete in the international arena.


High Performance Director May Spence said: “Now is the time to push yourself forward – funding is increasing, the National Center of Excellence is opening soon and USA Taekwondo is more sharply focused on pipeline development than it has ever been, ensuring athletes have world class development opportunities, including training and international competitions. The opportunities for you as an athlete in this sport have never been greater – but the only place you can make an impact and be part of this is on the mat. We are totally focused on performance and results - in the gym or the competition arena. Don’t miss this opportunity to put yourself in the spotlight because these programs will only make you better as an athlete and more prepared for that difficult step up to world level competition” 


We can’t wait for this one, and we look forward to seeing you all in Florida soon! We'll be announcing the central region camp asap, so look out for that too!


The camp will take place at the following location:

G3 America Martial Arts


Florida 33063


Please note: If these dates coincide with your home state championship, and you would still like to attend the Talent ID Camp USA Taekwondo is waiving the home state championship requirement in relation to having to attend your home state in order to receive points for an additional state championship (four as opposed to three), you will be able to designate another State as your home state. If you would prefer to go to the home state championship instead, rest assured there will be more Talent ID opportunities coming soon, and you will be invited to one of those instead, even if it is not in your region.