Strong U.S. Team Ready for World Poomsae Championships

By Bill Kellick | Nov. 14, 2018, 12:20 p.m. (ET)

2018 World Poomsae Team
The U.S. World Poomsae Team boasts 16 returning medalists

(November 14, 2018) – The largest World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships in history will get underway on Thursday in Taipei City, Chinese Taipei. A total of 1,274 athletes from 59 countries will participate in the 11th World Poomsae Championships as the four-day event runs through Sunday. The Championships will feature both recognized and freestyle competitions in individual, pair and mixed team events.

Team USA will field another strong and competitive delegation with 55 athletes representing the red, white and blue. The squad includes 16 returning medalists from the 2016 World Championships held in Lima, Peru.

At the past two World Championships, the U.S. team has come home with the exact same medal haul of 20 medals, including the identical numbers of four gold, five silver and 11 bronze. In 2016, Team USA earned a third place in the overall medal table among the 50 participating countries.

Returning medalists from 2016 include gold medalists Thoa Nguyen, Erica Linthorst and Adalis Munoz; silver medalists Chi Duong, Alex Twu, Pok Sun Yang, Thoa Nguyen and Elva Adams; and bronze medalists Ethan Sen, Megan Lee, Jae Shim, Ethan Sun, Rikki Jao, Arianna Le, Aleena Duong, Brandon Cho and Ryan Real.

The U.S. team will be led by Head Coach Daniel Chuang and assistant coaches Barbara Brand, Tuong-Huy Nguyen, David Turgeon, Jung Hwan Jin, Long Nguyen, and Anh Nguyen. Ronald Southwick is serving as head of team.

The full roster of the 2018 U.S. team is listed below. For more information on the World Taekwondo Pooomsae Championships, including daily draw sheets and schedules, CLICK HERE.

2018 U.S. World Poomsae Team – Recognized Poomsae

Female Cadet Individual – Chiara Flotildes
Female Junior Individual – Karyn Real
Female Under 30 Individual – Adalis Munoz
Female Under 40 Individual – Rosalynn Le
Female Under 50 Individual – Elva Adams
Female Under 60 Individual – Kristi George
Female Under 65 Individual – Julie Tregeagle
Female Over 65 Individual – Erica Linthorst


Male Cadet Individual – Shawn Seo
Male Junior Individual – Ryan Real
Male Under 30 Individual – Sebastian Choi
Male Under 40 Individual – Kwangjin Ha
Male Under 50 Individual – Pok Sun Yang
Male Under 60 Individual – Eun Lg Lee
Male Under 65 Individual – Frederick Lee
Male Over 65 Individual – Chi Duong


Cadet Pair – Sergio Paez & Yuri Paige Kim
Junior Pair – Ethan Sun & Karyn Real
Under 30 Pair – Edward Jeong & Kelsey Ha
Over 30 Pair – Thoa Nguyen & Pok Sun Yang


Female Cadet Team – Megan Lee, Jae Kyung Shim & Aahana Mulchandani
Female Junior Team – Arianna Le, Angela Tortora & Trinity Wong
Female Under 30 Team – Iris Kang, Euressa Cosmiano & Rikki Jao
Female Over 30 Team – Elva Adams, Jennifer Howard & Rosalynn Le


Male Cadet Team – Sergio Paez, Dylan Mai & Sung Hyun Eric Gun
Male Junior Team – Brandon Cho, Ethan Sen & Ryan Real
Male Under 30 Team – Sebastian Choi, Michael Couloucoundis & Princeton Rush
Male Over 30 Team – Jason Guk, Kwangjin Ha & Johnny Nguyen


2018 U.S. World Poomsae Team – Freestyle Poomsae

Female Under 17 Individual – Hannah Noble
Female Over 17 Individual – Adalis Munoz
Male Under 17 Individual – Nathaniel Cromwell
Male Over 17 Individual – Edward Jeong


Under 17 Pair – Jacob Gonzaga & Sharlene Duong
Over 17 Pair – Adalis Munoz & Michael Joseph Pascua


Under 17 Mixed Team – Michael Chiu, Sydney Moon, Isabella DeMaria, Anna Kaenjak, Julian Chang & Jake DeGuzman
Over 17 Mixed Team – Aleena Duong, Chrixy Lam, Edward Jeong, Alex Twu, Kody Han & Kelsey Ha