National Rankings System Now in Effect

Jan. 24, 2018, 3:39 p.m. (ET)

Following an extensive period of review and consultation with membership USA Taekwondo is today launching a new National Points Ranking System in which all members who participate in sanctioned events will be ranked according to performance.

The first sanctioned event in which athletes will earn points is next week's U.S. Open, and that will be followed by the upcoming Team Trials event in Denver, all USA Taekwondo State Championships, the National Championships and further sanctioned events yet to be announced. This will lead up to the 2019 Team Trials, with qualification and seeding determined by the point rankings - please download the document below for a complete explanation.

USA Taekwondo Executive Director Steve McNally said, "The new ranking system serves multiple purposes for us and our members - it provides a much more compelling reason to compete more often, and in quality competition, than we have had before, and in doing so will drive up the standard of competition. In turn, this will help us to produce better quality athletes. If the membership gets behind this initiative as we hope and believe they will it will also help us to provide much greater financial support to a much larger number of athletes, all of which will build towards our goal of returning to the top of the medal podium in international, and particularly Olympic competitions.

Beyond that though, and perhaps most exciting of all, we can now recognize and reward athletes of all ability levels - not everyone can make the Olympic team, but we believe there are many more achievements out there worth shouting about that go largely unnoticed, and every single one of our members will now be able to see whether they are number one or number 10 in their town, state, region, coast or country - all the way up to being the best in the world - and we think that's pretty amazing. We can't wait to see who breaks out from the pack to become a star!"

This system will greatly assist USA Taekwondo in identifying and supporting talent much earlier than currently, and also provide added value to all of our members who will be able to monitor and celebrate their progress at local, state and national level.

We believe that this will help us to establish  a much stronger pipeline of both athletes and coaches, far greater medal potential, and provide many more opportunities for athletes to compete in, and improve through quality tournaments.

We will also be launching an All-American Taekwondo program, which will reward the best athletes in each division in many new and exciting ways, along with a USA Taekwondo Scholarship program which will assist talented athletes to meet the financial requirements needed to continue to compete, when they may otherwise have fallen out of the system due to financial restraints.

To download the Points system explanation please click here (Please note this document relates to sparring only, we will post the poomsae version of the system shortly).

USA Taekwondo will closely monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the new ranking system over the coming months, and will continue to listen to feedback from all members as they gain experience with it. It is our intention to refine the system on an ongoing basis where required. Notification of any changes will be posted before the start of the next year's competition season.