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A 21-Medal Opening Day For Team USA

Sept. 10, 2015, 10:31 a.m. (ET)

(Sept. 10, 2015) - The Team USA cadets and juniors started the week in style on Wednesday at the Pan American Championships in Aguascalientes, Mexico, winning a total of 21 medals on the opening day of competition. The tally included 13 gold, four silver and four bronze.

The poomsae team had a perfect day, winning every division they contested. Due to a last-minute division change by the organizing committee, individual divisions were divided into multiple sub-divisions by Dan rank. All competitors had to progress through multiple rounds in challenging draws. Here are the poomsae medalists from Wednesday:

2nd Pan American Cadet Poomsae Championships

Hayley Jue - GOLD, Cadet Female Individual
Priscilla Jo - GOLD, Cadet Female Individual
Ryan Real - GOLD, Cadet Male Individual
Kyle Tanimura - GOLD, Cadet Male Individual
Sharlene Duong and Jacob Gonzaga - GOLD, Cadet Pairs
Ryan Real and Karyn Real - SILVER, Cadet Pairs
Riann Jao, Eurissa Cosmiano, Frances Santarina - GOLD, Junior Female Team

Meanwhile, the cadet and junior sparring teams both earned seven medals each with the cadets capturing four gold, two silver and a bronze, while the junior squad won three gold, one silver and three bronze. Here are the medal winners in the cadet and junior divisions:

2nd Pan American Cadet Kyorugi Championships

Female -29 Kg.
1) Delaney Campbell (USA)

Male -33 Kg.
1) Omar Salim (USA)
2) Carl Punongbayan (CAN)
3) Junior Soriano (DOM)
3) Daniel Antonio Torres (MEX)

Female -37 Kg.
1) Alicia Rodriguez (MEX)
2) Alexia Rodriguez (USA)
3) Andrea Franco (PER)

Male -41 Kg.
1) Darius Brown (CAN)
2) Emilian Hernandez Y Sanchez (MEX)
3) Jose Luis Acuña (ARG)
3) Bilal Hasan (USA)

Female -44 Kg.
1) Kianna Alyssa Louissaint (HAI)
2) Laura Camila Ayala Tami (COL)
3) Maria Jo Calderon Yzaguirre (CRC)
3) Milagros Cali (ARG)

Male -49 Kg.
1) Eduardo Baez Vega (CRC)
2) Eduerd Yesith Ortiz Garzon (COL)
3) Pedro Luis Martinez (DOM)
3) Jordan Villegas (PER)

Female -51 Kg.
1) Anthoanet Sotomayor (PER)
2) Anna Martinez (USA)
3) Daiana Gomez (ARG)
 3) Elisa Fernanda Rodriguez (MEX)

Male -57 Kg.
1) Khalifani Harris (USA)
2) Welsey Naran (MRN)
3) Gabriel Nethersole (CAN)
3) Luis Osorio Riveron (MEX)

Female -59 Kg.
1) Gianela Evolo (ARG)
2) Leslie Xcaret Soltero (MEX)
3) Hannah Dreger (CAN)
3) Ana Paula Morais (BRA)

Male -65 Kg.
1) Eric Nguyen (USA)
2) Darlyn Padilla (ECU)
3) David Robleto (NCA)
3) Luis Manuel Flores (MEX)

8th Pan American Junior Kyorugi Championships

Female -42 Kg.
1) Emily Lee (CAN)
2) Luisa Fernanda Moreno Penaloza (COL)
3) Amanda Riebau (BRA)
3) Sofia Tournier (ARG)

Male -45 Kg.
1) Brandon Visitacion (USA)
2) Carlos Bezerra (BRA)
3) Wilder Alvarez (PER)
3) Joshua Aco Rosas (MEX)

Female -46 Kg.
1) Daniela Paola Souza (MEX)
2) Ana Beatriz Mogro Tavera (BOL)
3) Jennifer Ramos (DOM)
3) Trinity Sullivan (USA)

Male -51 Kg.
1) Nicolas Migneault (CAN)
2) Rodrigo Gastón Rojas (MEX)
3) Renzo Cardenas (PER)
3) Jonathan Santiago (PUR)

Female -52 Kg.
1) Logan Weber (USA)
2) Diana Sofia Souza (MEX)
3) Sasha Torres (PER)
3) Kelly Locatelli (BRA)

Male -59 Kg.
1) Saul Taveras (DOM)
2) Christian Liu (USA)
3) Juan Martinez (PUR)
3) Ethan Jenkins (CAN)

Female -59 Kg.
1) Ara White (USA)
2) Bogdana Sredejovic (CAN)
3) Cristina Verones (DOM)
3) Fabiola Guadalupe Villegas (MEX)

Male -68 Kg.
1) Hunter Carroll (CAN)
2) Gabriel Silva (BRA)
3) Jose Maria Pastor (MEX)
3) Victor Martinez (PUR)

Female -68 Kg.
1) Milena Guimaraes (BRA)
2) Naishka Roman (PUR)
3) Renatta Carolina Treviño (MEX)
3) Camryn Henry (USA)

Male -78 Kg.
1) Juliano Adjuto (BRA)
2) Andres Beceiro (MEX)
3) Joshua Cleghorn (CAN)
3) Gustavo Noah (USA)

Competition continues on Thursday with a live stream available at

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