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CEO Harris Salutes Pan Am Games Heroes

July 23, 2015, 9:39 a.m. (ET)

By Bruce Harris,
CEO, USA Taekwondo

As CEO of USA Taekwondo I am certain that I share the feelings of pride in all of our USA Taekwondo family over the incredible job that our Pan Am Games Team did to secure joint 1st Place in Taekwondo with the Cuban National Team at the 2015 Pan Am Games.

It was definitely a total team effort, from the Medical Staff and the Coaching Staff to the parents and supporters that traveled to Toronto to show their support, to the athletes of Team USA themselves. Team USA represented all of America as great ambassadors of our sport, demonstrating qualities closely aligned to the Tenets of Taekwondo, especially Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit.

Our athletes that were not able to earn a medal still fought to the best of their ability and represented USA very well. Their time will come I am sure.

To our three Gold Medalists, to simply say congratulations does not adequately sum up the feeling of seeing USA on the Medal Podium, and hearing the USA National Anthem is always awe-inspiring. 

Cheyenne Lewis, Paige McPherson and Jackie Galloway- your country salutes your gold medal performances.

To our two Bronze medalists - Philip Yun and Steven Lopez, your tenacity in competition demonstrated the will to never give up until the math is over. For Steven Lopez, the most decorated Taekwondo athlete in the world, a new chapter was written that will serve only to increase his already incredible legacy of competition successes. Competing with an injured shoulder through the entire competition, Steven endured his shoulder popping out several times in each match, and yet he endured and won the Bronze Medal. Another awesome display of the athleticism and Indomitable Spirit of Steven Lopez. 

You continue to awe and cite the world of Taekwondo!

Four years ago Team USA won one Silver Medal and five Bronze Medals. This year Team USA obviously topped that feat by winning three Gold Medals and two Bronze Medals. America is proud of all members of this team. 

Thank you for your display of outstanding skills and the dedication and will to win. 

We are all very proud of Team USA!