That's a wrap: Day 5 at the U.S. Open

Feb. 17, 2014, 8:58 p.m. (ET)

The U.S. cadets closed out the 2014 U.S. Open at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino by netting an overwhelming 54 medals, capturing 14 gold, 12 silver and 28 bronze, which topped second-place Mexico’s 10 and third-place Canada’s eight. American’s earned hardware in each of the day’s 20 cadet divisions.

U.S. cadet gold medalists
Female fin weight Ashleigh Ogan
Female fly weight Tiara Antommarchi
Female bantam weight Anapaula Aguilera
Female feather weight Sydney Stoyanoff
Female light weight Julianna Zuniga
Female welter weight Natalie Loureda
Female light heavy weight Becka Butler
Male bantam weight Juancarlos Norzagaray
Male feather weight Joseph Babista
Male light weight Kurt Erkmen
Male welter weight Juan Pablo Alvarado
Male middle weight Alex Solorio
Male light heavy weight Pedro Valdez
Male heavy weight Richard Chung

U.S. cadet silver medalists
Female fin weight Mia Vera
Female fly weight Christine Bonoan
Female bantam weight Marissa Mabanag
Female feather weight Daria Torrenti
Female welter weight Isabella Hrunka
Female light middle weight Mele Semidey
Female middle weight Macy McCutcheon
Female heavy weight Melanie Diaz
Male fin weight Omar Ortiz
Male fly weight Joshua Kosloski
Male light middle weight Joshua Liu
Male light heavy weight Matthew Foong

U.S. cadet bronze medalists
Female fin weights Alejandra Ruiz and Mariana Ballard
Female fly weights Mackenzie Murtha and Shaula Gomez
Female bantam weight Kiana Chai Chong
Female light weight Karina Uy
Female welter weights Kamille Carbon and Anna Martinez
Female light middle weights Skylar Farrell and Logan Weber
Female middle weight Ainsley Fox
Female light heavy weights Madison Perez and Lisette Flores-Sacido
Male fin weight Tuoi Le
Male fly weights Emilio Alfonso and Brandon Visitacion
Male bantam weights Andrew Heiati and Cole Crawford
Male light weights Leo Kim and Francis Gamez
Male welter weights Brandon Sealy and Tyler Salas
Male light middle weight David Rodriguez
Male middle weights Nathaniel Kim and Kendall Won
Male light heavy weight Julian Rivas and Noah Couch
Male heavy weight Tucker Hortman

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Day 4 Wrap

American athletes closed out junior competition at the 2014 U.S. Open in style Saturday, earning 21 medals on the day and 28 overall— four gold, seven silver and 17 bronze to win the medal count. Mexico finished second with 18 medals, while Taiwan earned 13.

Women’s welter weight Cassie Tubbs, women’s light middle weight Ara White, women’s middle weight Kendall Yount and men’s middle weight Connor Wilson led all U.S. athletes with respective gold medal performances, while women’s fin Haley Smith, women’s bantam Michelle Gonciarz, men’s fin weight Ian Bird, men’s welter weight Alexandru Felea and men’s middle weight Andrew Butryn each earned silver.

Women’s fin weights Giannina Imhof and Maree Aliz Dominique Pulanco, women’s light weight Miriam Galecki, women’s light middle weight Genevieve Sandoval, men’s fin weights Julio Quintanilla and Van Mitchel Bactista, men’s bantam weight Torin Teaster, men’s feather Enrique Vazquez Vargas, men’s light middle weights Norberto Negron and Jacob Chung, and men’s middle weights Niklas Poland and Brandon Fordiani capped things off with bronze medal performances.

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2014 U.S. Open competition concludes at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino on Friday at 9 a.m. PST with all cadet divisions.

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Day 3 Wrap

Men’s welter weight Steven Lopez earned gold on Friday at the 2014 U.S. Open in Las Vegas, leading the way for the U.S. on the final day of senior competition. Women’s welter weight Paige McPherson earned silver, and men’s bantam weight Olie Burton collected bronze, bringing the U.S. senior medal count to 10—two gold, two silver and six bronze—tying Mexico in overall medal count.  

The U.S. senior women finished third in points (13; one gold, one silver and three bronze medals) behind Mexico (19; two gold, one silver and two bronze medals) and Korea (18; two gold, one silver and one bronze medals).

The U.S. senior men tied for third in points (13; one gold, one silver and three bronze medals) with China (one gold and two silver medals) and Russia (one gold, one silver and three bronze). Taiwan took the men’s team title with 18 points (two gold, one silver and one bronze), while Mexico finished second with 17 points (two gold and three bronze medals).

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The U.S. jumped out to an early medal lead as junior competition kicked off with the men’s and women’s light heavy and heavy weights. American’s collected two silver and five bronze medals, which leads Mexico’s five medals—one gold, one silver and three bronze—which is good for second in team medal count.

Silver medal performances from women’s light heavy weight Morgan McGarvey and men’s heavy weight Tyler Edmiston paced the Americans, as women’s light heavy weight Brieanna Hernandez, women’s heavy weights Madelynn Gorman-Shore and Elizabeth Hernandez, and men’s light heavy weights Jonathan Healy and Youngwoong Hyun added five bronze medals, respectively.  

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Competition resumes at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino on Friday at 9 a.m. PST with junior men’s and women’s fin, fly, bantam, feather, light, welter, light middle and middle weights.

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Day 2 Wrap

Cheyenne Lewis took gold, Mark Lopez earned silver and Charlotte Craig, Jaysen Ishida and Diana Lopez each earned bronze on the second day at the U.S. Open in Las Vegas on Thursday. After two days, the Americans are tied for second (China) in the overall medal count in sparring with seven total—one gold, one silver and five bronze. Mexico is first with eight.

Senior men’s and women’s fly, feather and light weights were on display before a rousing crowd of some 2,100 guests at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino’s Paradise Hall, completing 10 of the 16 senior divisions at the Open. As the 2014 U.S. Open is designated a WTF G2 event, Lewis earned 20 World Ranking points, Mark Lopez 12, Craig, Diana Lopez, and Ishida 7.2, while all quarterfinalists earned 4.32 points apiece.

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Competition continues at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino on Thursday at 9 a.m. PST with senior men’s and women’s fin, bantam and welter weights, and junior men’s and women’s light heavy and heavy weights. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Day 1 Wrap

On a well-rounded opening day of the 2014 U.S. Open that featured all Poomsae competitors and four senior sparring divisions, competition kicked off with more than 400 Poomsae competitors from around the globe contesting for 93 medals on the only day of forms competition.

The 2013 Poomsae U.S. National Team collected 11 medals on the day, including gold medal performances by Chi Duong (Male 3rd Master), Jason Hwang (Male 2nd Senior), Sarah Min (Junior Female), Noreen Thackrey (Female 3rd Master) and the Men’s 2nd Team of Anh Nguyen, Chau Troung and Justin Wang. Elva Adams (Female 1st Master), Kathy Do (Female 2nd Senior), Anacleta Thorne (Female 2nd Master) and Reggie Ubiadas (Male 2nd Master) each earned silver, while Garth Cooley (Male 1st Master) and Nguyen (Male 2nd Senior) added bronze. Additionally, 2013 National Team members Cindy Asano (Junior Female), Thanh-Van Huynh (Female 1st Senior), Truong (Male 2nd Senior), Wang (Male 2nd Senior) and the 1st Pairs team of Kelsey Ha and Long Nguyen each recorded top-5 finishes on the day.

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Action continued in the afternoon session with senior men’s and women’s middle and heavy weight, where National Team heavy weights Lauren Hamon and Stephen Lambdin both medaled. As the 2014 U.S. Open is a WTF G2 event, the two received 7.2 World Ranking Points apiece for their bronze medal results.

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Competition continues at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino on Thursday at 9 a.m. PST with senior men’s and women’s fly, feather and light weights. Day 2 brackets found here.
Open for business

The 2014 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships returns to the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Feb. 19-23 in Las Vegas, Nev. The five-day, G-2 rated competition, features nearly 2,000 sparring and Poomsae competitors, marking one of the largest international taekwondo events in the world.

“USA Taekwondo extends a very warm and sincere welcome to all participants at the 2014 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships in Las Vegas,” said USA Taekwondo CEO Bruce Harris. “We also extend our best wishes for a wonderful experience, not only for the competitors, but also for the family members who come and experience our event. We wish you all the best success at our event. Welcome to the 2014 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships!”

A new tournament management system
USA Taekwondo will be using a new tournament management system at the 2014 U.S. Open.  What participants need to know is that the sparring (gyorugi) competition will be using a ring-based system, which means that most matches for an athlete will be held in the same ring.  The match numbers play a key role in determining where and in what order the matches actually happen.

The match numbers should appear as either three or four digit numbers.  The first number (1-12) will determine in which ring the match is planned to occur.  All 12 rings will be used for sparring Thursday through Sunday.  If, for example, a competitor’s initial match number is 804, then their match would be the fourth match in ring 8.  This type of tournament system is commonly used in Europe and has been used occasionally in the United States, recently at the 2013 National Collegiate Taekwondo Championships in Colorado Springs.

The appearance of the brackets will also differ from what has been used at previous USA Taekwondo events.  Instead of the left to right brackets (or trees) with the preliminary matches on the left-hand side progressing to the final match on the right, the 2014 U.S. Open brackets will follow the same format which was used at the first WTF Grand Prix Finals at Manchester last December and at the 2013 Dutch Open.  These ‘two-sided’ brackets have match winners progressing inward from the left and right sides to the final match at the center, somewhat akin to what is used for the NCAA basketball national championship tournament (March Madness).

Head games
The 2014 U.S. Open has been selected as one of two WTF-sanctioned Open events to perform a field test using the new Electronic Headgear. The U.S. Open will use the Daedo Electronic Headgear for two junior weight categories over a two-day period. The data collected will be used to provide the WTF with data that will be used to determine whether the Electronic Headgear will be confirmed for use at future WTF-sanctioned events. The Trelleborg Open and the U.S. Open have been selected as the events to conduct these field tests.

U.S. Open by the numbers
As the only international event sanctioned by USA Taekwondo, the organization is happy to welcome 1,922 competitors from 62 countries. Split almost evenly, 986 of the competitors are from the United States, while the remaining 936 are from foreign countries. Forty-one U.S. states will be represented, and 11 of the competitors are over the age of 60. To view the U.S. Open event page, click

Event tickets will be on sale at the entrance of the LVH Paradise Event Center.  2014 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships single session ticket prices are: $15 for adult single day (18+) and $10 for child single day (6-17). All children 5 years-old and younger may attend for free.

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