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Reminder, instructions to complete required background check

April 03, 2014, 5:51 p.m. (ET)

USA Taekwondo offers this reminder to all coaches and referees who plan to participate at any upcoming USA Taekwondo event, such as State Championships or the National Championships- You are required to take and to complete a Background Check before you are eligible to get a credential to coach or to referee at our USAT-sanctioned events. Background checks take from one day to as long as 12 business days, depending on your county of residence. Apply early for your background check through Hangastar so that you will not be surprised when you are denied a coaching credential or referee credential for a USA Taekwondo event. Please plan ahead.

Please see below for instructions on how to complete the required background check.
USA Taekwondo has partnered with Verified Volunteers to complete required background checks as part of the U.S. Olympic Committee 

SafeSport initiative. All coaches, referees, instructors and/or club owners must complete a background check through Verified Volunteers before being able to register for any USA Taekwondo sanctioned event. Background checks must be updated every two years.

Please note that background checks take a minimum of one business day to clear, so be sure you have allowed ample time to complete your background check before registering for any event. The cost of background checks, which vary based on your location, will be incurred by each individual.

Follow this step-by-step procedure to accurately complete your required background check:
1. Log on to your Hang-A-Star account
2. Click the ‘Membership’ tab
3. Click ‘Complete Background Check’
4. Copy the given ‘Good Deed Code’: Taek001
5. Click ‘Click Here to take the Background Check’ above the Good Deed Code
6. Click ‘Create an Account’ under the Volunteers login option on the Verified Volunteers page
7. Create username and password on the ‘Get Started with Verified Volunteers’ page
8. Click ‘Get Verified’
9. Enter the ‘Good Deed Code’: Taek001
10. Fill out your personal information and follow steps to complete background check

Any attempt to register for an event will not be completed until the background check has been cleared. On each event registration page, the aforementioned required individuals will be prompted to complete a background check if they have not done so already. In this instance, please follow the above steps to complete.

Please note: if your status is listed as ‘Complete’ on your Hang-A-Star membership account, you do not need to re-take a background check.

USA Taekwondo is issuing a reminder that any member who seeks to register for a USA Taekwondo sanctioned event as either a Coach, Referee, Instructor and/or Club Owner is now required to successfully take and pass a background check before being issued a credential as part of the USOC SafeSport initiative. A background check will take a minimum of one business day to complete and return. Therefore, it is very important that you plan ahead if you need to register for an event so that you allow yourself enough time to complete and get the results back from your background check. Please remember that each individual is responsible for paying for their own background check. You are not able to complete any event registration without first getting the clearance on your background check, and no exceptions will be made for your not having allowed enough time to complete a background check. Please pass this information to others who may be affected by this as well. Please be sure to register early and complete your background check.