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April 2012 Q&A with Diana Lopez

April 11, 2012, 6:29 p.m. (ET)

Diana Lopez, 28, qualified for her second straight Olympic Team on March 10 by winning the women's -57kg division at the Olympic Trials Finals in Colorado Springs. A 2008 Olympic bronze medalist and 2005 world champion, Lopez joins older brother Steven on the 2012 Olympic Team. Both are coached by eldest brother, Jean.

Diana answered the following 10 questions for this month's USAT Athlete Profile... 
Diana Lopez (blue) battles Danielle Holmquist at the Olympic Trials Finals on March 10
Q1: Do you have a lucky charm?
DIANA LOPEZ: I do not have a lucky charm. I do have a strong faith and support system. I love when my family members and friends give me little cards before I leave to a competition. I bring those cards with me before my competition and read them the night before I fight.
Q2: Who is a superhero you’d like to be, and why?
DIANA LOPEZ: Mystique from the X-Men.  Who wouldn't want to be a shape-shifter? I would mess with people all day! :).
Q3: Who’s your favorite sports team?
DIANA LOPEZ: By default I would have to say the Orlando Magic. My boyfriend is the strength and conditioning coach and I have become a fan over the years.
Q4: Do you play any musical instruments?
DIANA LOPEZ: I do not play any musical instruments. 
Q5: What is your food “routine” while training?
DIANA LOPEZ: While in training, I eat lots of salmon, fage yogurt, coconut water, fruit, veggies, bean soup and sushi! I eat a lot of small portions throughout the day.
Q6: What did you study in school and how do you see yourself utilizing your degree?
DIANA LOPEZ: I am hoping to finish my childhood education degree this fall after I compete at the Olympics. I would love to work with children after I have retired from competing in Taekwondo. I have no idea when that will be.
Q7: If you could land a role in any movie, what movie would you like to appear in and who would be your dream co-star?
DIANA LOPEZ: I would love to appear in a sequel of "Bridesmaids". The girls/cast in that movie seem so down to earth and hilarious!
Q8: How does it feel to make your second Olympic Team?
DIANA LOPEZ: It feels AMAZING!!! I am looking forward to going to London and seizing every moment.
Q9: Competing at the sport’s highest level – what is that like and what does it do for you?
DIANA LOPEZ: The Olympics is where you can shine in front of the whole world. It is complete bliss! All the sacrifices--blood,sweat, and tears all for this, the Olympics! I live for it!
Q10: What are your favorite indulgences?
DIANA LOPEZ: Guilty indulgences? Pringles, chocolate... I love Snacks.

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