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August Athlete Profile - Kickin' It With...Jeffery Grahovec

July 31, 2008, 6:57 p.m. (ET)

Kickin' It With...Jeffery Grahovec
On July 4th, Jeffery Grahovec of Yorba Linda, Calif., made fireworks of his own by winning the male featherweight division at the Junior Olympics at Detroit's Ford Field, and thereby qualifying for his first U.S. Junior National Team. He trains at World Martial Arts under Master Jae Kwon Kim.

Jeffery answered the following 10 questions for this month's USA Taekwondo Athlete Profile...

Jeffery at the Olympic Training Center

Q1: Who is a superhero you'd like to be, and why? 

JEFFERY GRAHOVEC: The superhero I would like to be is Batman because he has the coolest cars.

Jeffery and his mother relaxing in the sun of Hawaii

Q2: What is it about your coach, Jae Kwon Kim, that you admire most?


JEFFERY GRAHOVEC: The quality that admire the most is the way he can read me, and knows exactly what we need to work on and practice on every time. He knows me better than I know myself sometimes.

Q3: Who do you see as the next breakthrough Taekwondo athlete from the U.S.? Maybe one of your teammates?

JEFFERY GRAHOVEC: The next breakthrough athlete that I see is a person from my own studio. His name is Logan Gerrick. He's just a really great competitor. He's already on his way with winning Nationals and U.S. Open. I believe as long as he keeps it up he will make the Junior National Team one day.

Q4: What's the last book you read, and how do you rate it out of five stars?

JEFFERY GRAHOVEC: The last book I read was "Hell Gate: London". It was a good book, I would give it 4 stars.

Jeffery and Master Kim at the 2008 Fresno National Qualifier


Q5: Who is an Olympian - inside or outside of Taekwondo - whom you met and who really made an impression on you, and why

JEFFERY GRAHOVEC: I have not met any Olympians..... YET!

Q6: If you could land a role in any movie, what movie would you like to appear in and who would be your dream co-star?

JEFFERY GRAHOVEC: If I could land a role in any movie it would probably be Night at the Roxbury and the co star would be with Will Ferrell.

Jeffery competing at the 2008 Fresno National Qualifier



Q7: Is there anything you can beat your coach at?

JEFFERY GRAHOVEC: I can beat my coach at Rock Paper Scissors. That's really it.

Master Kim and Jeffery at the Olympic Training Center

Q8: Which event or moment do you revisit in your mind or dream the most about at this point 


JEFFERY GRAHOVEC: The moment that I really keep going back to is the moment that I won nationals, because it's been a real lifetime goal. I came up short last year getting 2nd. But this year I won. I was just so overjoyed!

Jeffery with Master Kim and instructor Katayama



Q9: How do you best deal with pressure?

JEFFERY GRAHOVEC:  The way I deal best with pressure is to really focus on the match at hand and take everything one step at a time.  Listening to music helps to calm me down so I can just get into the zone.


Q10: How does it feel to make your first U.S. Junior National Team?

JEFFERY GRAHOVEC: I feel amazing it took a few days to really settle in. I couldn't really believe I have tried for three years to make the team and I finally did. I'm just so happy that I get such a great opportunity to be on the team. This wouldn't have been possible without the support of my parents, friends, and Master Jae Kwon Kim! He always believed in me.