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TAEKWONDO: February Athlete Profile: Kickin' It With...Christian Suh

Feb. 08, 2008, 1 a.m. (ET)

(To view the complete profile with photos go to Christian Suh, 16, is the heavyweight member of the 2007 U.S. Junior National Team. He capped the 2007 season with a silver medal at the Pan American Junior Championships in Daytona Beach, Fla., in October. He also won a gold medal at the 2007 Junior Olympics and a bronze at the 2007 Senior National Championships. A straight-A student, Christian was born in Okinawa, Japan, on a U.S. military base while his father, Jin, was in the Marines. He now resides in Franklin Square, N.Y. Christian answered the following 10 questions for this month's USA Taekwondo Athlete Profile... Q1: Do you own any pets' CHRISTIAN SUH: I really like dogs, especially chocolate labradors. I don't own one right now because I'm usually at my Taekwondo dojang teaching class and training. In the future, when I spend more time at home, a chocolate labrador is definitely a pet I want. Q2: If you could trade places with one person in the world, who would it be and why' CHRISTIAN SUH: I really wouldn't want to trade places with anyone else. My life is very exciting, my parents are great, I have great teammates, and I have accomplished many of my goals. If I could be a superhero however, I would want to be Superman. The reason why is because he's super fast, super strong, and super fly. Q3: What Olympic memory got you excited about the possibility of one day realizing your own Olympic dream' CHRISTIAN SUH: I first learned about the Olympics in school when I was about 11 years old. The next summer I watched the 2004 Olympics, which was the first time I had witnessed one. Overall, I was inspired by the determination of all the Olympic athletes. The most inspiring was the middle/heavy 2004 Olympic final between Korea and Greece. The winner, Moon Dae Sung, accomplished a lifelong dream by winning the Olympics...not only that, but by knockout! After witnessing this match-up, I was determined and excited to one day be in the same position as the middle/heavy champion. Q4: What's your favorite movie of late' CHRISTIAN SUH: Currently my favorite movie is I Am Legend with Will Smith. The story takes place in post-apocolyptic Manhattan, when an epedimic takes place, killing most of the world. The survivors are those who have developed an immunity to the new disease, and the nightwalkers -- who have mutated into pale, hairless cannibals that are allergic to sunlight and begin showing behavioral patterns similar to that of rabies. Will Smith's character looks to find a cure for this disease, but must be back before dawn or risk becoming a victim to the night walkers. This film would be sci- fi/horror/suspense in genre. Q5: What makes a good heavyweight' CHRISTIAN SUH: Good heavyweights should have the same charcacteristics as fighters in all weight classes. You must have speed, strength, timing, patience, and most of all mental strength. What I mean by mental strength is having perseverance, determination, focus, and heart. One of the quotes from my dad that best suits what a fighter should aim towards is: "Champions never make excuses, they find a way." Q6: What are your favorite foods' CHRISTIAN SUH: My favorite food would have to be Korean food. My stepmom makes amazing Korean dishes like galbi, kimchee jigae, and gom tang. Q7: What do you do to wind down, and what are your interests in school' CHRISTIAN SUH: I really only get a chance to relax on the weekends, if at all. I spend that time sleeping extra, going to church, spending time with my parents, and spending time with friends. In school, I really like math class, english class, and gym. Q8: What do you consider to be your most memorable moment in the sport of Taekwondo' CHRISTIAN SUH: My most memorable moment in the sport of Taekwondo would be when I made the 2007 Jr. National Team on August 26th, my 16th birthday. My dad coached me during this competition and we had great results. We are the first father and son team to have both made a national team for Taekwondo, which we are both very proud of. Q9: What other activities can you train in that helps you with your Taekwondo' CHRISTIAN SUH: I do a lot of extra activities to help me along with my Taekwondo skills. Some of the activities that help me with my physical training are running, weight training, plyometrics, and a lot of stretching. Activities that help with the mental aspects are watching other fighting sports, watching old Taekwondo matches, and learning from my dad. Q10: Have you begun looking at colleges yet' If so, what will factor into your decision about which college to attend' CHRISTIAN SUH: I definitely will attend college, but I haven't started to look into any. The factors that will decide my choice will mostly be the distance. I want to be able to spend time with my family and also practice Taekwondo while I am attending college. ###