1. A competitor’s weight shall be measured the day prior to his or her competition day. All competitors must weigh-in during the designated times on the schedule.

2. A competitor’s weight may be measured twice. If a contestant does not qualify the first time, one more official weigh-in is granted within the time limit. So as not to be disqualified during official weigh-in, a scale, the same as the official one, shall be provided at the convention center as a test scale.

3. During the weigh-in, the contestant is required to show his/her current photo ID, USAT identification card or birth certificate.

4. Any irregular action by the competitor or coach during the weigh-in may result in disqualification from event participation.

5. Weigh in, for both males and females shall be taken in the official V-neck uniform, or, if a contestant wishes, weigh-in may be done in underpants for male and underpants and bra for female contestants. Under NO circumstances may an athlete weigh-in in the nude in the United States.

All Grass Roots qualified participants will be allowed to move weight categories from the weight category they qualified in at the USAT State Championships if needed. It is encouraged that athletes make the “qualified” weight, but USAT understands children are going to grow. You can change weight categories through the final athlete registration deadline at no additional fee. Any weight changes after the final registration deadline and/or at the event will incur a $50.00 administrative fee. Participants may make changes directly through their registration in Hangastar until they are confirmed and then will need to contact the events department in writing at events@usa-taekwondo.us to change the weight. After the final registration date (June 15, 2016), all weight changes must be submitted in writing and the administrative fee paid before the weight category will be changed.

Cadet (12-14), Junior (15-17) & Senior (17-32) World Class qualified participants WILL NOT be allowed to move weight categories or move into the Grass Roots divisions.


A single elimination format will be applied to all sparring divisions.

Seeding will only be applied to those divisions where the seeding has been outlined the in selection procedures. To view selection procedures click on this link: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Taekwondo/V2-National-Teams/Athlete-Team-Selection-Procedures