**USAT uses the date December 31 of the given year (December 31, 2016) to determine the age of all competitors. Example: an athlete turns 15 on October 26, 2016 they would compete as a 15 year old in the 2016 USA Taekwondo National Championships, even though they are 14 years old at the time of the event.**


In accordance of the USAT Competition Rules: Qualification of USAT contestant 1.) Citizen or Resident of the United States. 2.) Registered USAT athlete member. 3.) All black belt contestants must submit a copy of the Dan/Poom certificate, 4.) All athletes must provide identification in the form of official ID, if no photo ID is available then a birth certificate may be provided. 5.) All contestants participating in a tournament are required to observe the Code of Conduct of the USAT and the rules of the tournament. Violators face sanction by the USAT.

All Grass Roots qualified participants will be allowed to move weight categories from the weight category they qualified in at the USAT State Championships if needed. It is encouraged that athletes make the “qualified” weight, but USAT understands children are going to grow. You can change weight categories through the final athlete registration deadline at no additional fee. Any weight changes after the final registration deadline and/or at the event will incur a $50.00 administrative fee. Participants may make changes directly through their registration in Hangastar until they are confirmed and then will need to contact the events department in writing at events@usa-taekwondo.us to change the weight. After the final registration date (June 15, 2016), all weight changes must be submitted in writing and the administrative fee paid before the weight category will be changed.

Winner of the Cadet Grassroots divisions will no longer qualify for the World Class division because Grassroots division will use Junior Safety Rules and World Class divisions will use full head contact rules (see competition rules for full explanation of rules). Once qualified for World Class, an athlete is not eligible for Grass Roots division.

World Class qualified participants will not be allowed to move weight categories or move into the Grass Root division.

^^For those athletes who have qualified in two separate World Class weight categories, you MUST choose which weight category you will compete in at the USAT National Championships by the REGISTRATION DEADLINE (June 15, 2016) After the REGISTRATION DEADLINE you will not be allowed to switch weight categories.^^


For Sparring & Poomsae, all divisions will use current USA Taekwondo competition rules. To download the USAT Competition rules visit http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Taekwondo/Events/Competition-Rules.aspx

To view the new breaking rules click on this link: http://www.teamusa.org/usa-taekwondo/v2-resources/referee-information


1. The maximum set-up time is 1 minute
2. The maximum time to complete the performance is 10 minutes.
3. The performance must be done within the WTF regulation ring size 10x10 m
4. There will be no limit on the number of Team members but the team MUST comply with rule #3.
a. Teams are allowed 1 alternate team member to replace an injured athlete.
5. Music and the machine to play the music MUST be provided by the demonstration team
6. There will be NO standing on chairs or tables, (tumbling board or any equivalent tools). USAT and the Greater Richmond Convention Center will not be responsible for any accident involving the Convention Center’s chairs or tables.
7. Absolutely NO pyrotechnics, fireworks or flame breaks.
8. Weapons, boards or any props will be provided by the Demonstration Team.

Scoring Guidelines - Demonstration teams scoring will be based on the following order of superiority (in ascending order):

1. Synchronicity of technique.
2. Higher scorer will be considered for more spinning technics; such as 540, 720, 1080 including back flip or any altitude flip technic.
3. Excitement of performance.
4. Successful completion of taekwondo techniques (only ONE attempt except altitude flip)
5. Fun generated by the team.
6. Demonstrations of Accuracy, Speed, and Power.