The Uniform for Contestants

Official Uniform (Dobok)

All contestants must wear a white Taekwondo V-neck USAT/WTF uniform (dobok) in good condition. Black Belts must wear black-collared uniforms. Color belts must wear white-collared uniforms; color belts cannot wear black-collared uniforms. Patches, embroidery, logos, team names, country names, athlete names, and stripes are permitted on the uniform; they can be up to 12" x 4" on each extremity (leg or arm) for a total of four. Logos or names on the back of the uniform and patches on the chest area of the uniform are also allowed.

Poomsae Contestant may wear WTF designated Y-neck competition poomsae uniforms as outlined in the WTF Notice from April 4, 2012 ( Contestants must comply with WTF guidelines concerning uniforms designated by rank. WTF Y-neck uniforms may have a national flag patch and country code displayed on the uniform consistent with WTF guidelines.


Protective Equipment

Contestants shall wear an approved trunk protector, headgear (white, or red for Hong and blue for Chung), groin guard (optional for female competitors), gloves (see below), forearm protector, shin-instep protectors, sensing socks (if using an electronic Protector and Scoring System) and a mouth guard before entering the contest area. The head protector must be firmly tucked under the left arm when entering the competition area, and shall be put on the head following instructions of the referee before the start of the contest. The groin, forearm, and shin-instep protectors must be worn inside the Taekwondo uniform. Wearing of any other items on the head other than head protector shall not be permitted. A previously approved religious item shall be worn beneath the head protector and inside the dobok and shall not cause harm or obstruct the opposing contestant.

Personal Requirements

All competitors shall keep their nails cut short and shall not wear any articles that may injure or endanger an opponent. Any competitor whose hair, in the opinion of the referee, is so long as to risk causing inconvenience to other competitors shall be required to tie it back securely.

Metallic Articles
Contestants are not allowed to wear any kind of metallic articles or hard objects, such as rings, eyeglasses (including prescribed safety eyeglasses or eye goggles), necklaces, watches, bracelets, earrings, etc.

Personal Hygiene
All competitors must maintain the highest standard of personal hygiene, keep his or her nails cut short, and groom their hair neatly. Any violators of the Section above will be required to correct the violation within one minute, or face disqualification.

A maximum of two (2) layers of tape are allowed, except in the case of an injury. For an injury, the minimum amount of tape that will protect the area should be used. If there is a question, the referee should have the wrapping examined and approved by the Tournament Medical Staff. Under no circumstances will hard splints or cast—no matter how small—be allowed.

Equipment Standards

Gloves – Cadet (12-14), Junior (15-17) year old and Senior (17-32) Black belts are required to wear taekwondo gloves. Gloves may be red, blue, or white; white is preferred. If the competitor chooses to wear red or blue gloves, they must correspond with the chest protector. For all other divisions, gloves are optional and must comply with the above rule.

Mouth Guard – All athletes are REQUIRED to use a mouth guard. A mouth cover may be used for those with braces if an orthodontist’s note is provided prior to the beginning of competition. Mouth guards MUST be white, but clear is preferred.

Properly fitting Headgear – All participants must provide their own red, blue or white headgear with no markings other than corporate logos. Cracks or defects in the headgear will not be allowed.

Properly fitting chest protector - Electronic Body Protectors are being used, all athletes will be provided a red and blue full-body WTF trunk protector. (Both players must use the same size.)

All trunk protectors must wrap around and cover the back of the athlete in the valid scoring area. All trunk protectors must be of a similar style as to those pictured.

Protective Cup – All male athletes are REQUIRED to wear a protective cup inside the pants during competition. Groin protection is optional for female athletes; if worn, it must be inside the uniform.

Shin protection – Shin protectors are REQUIRED and they must be made of foam, cloth or vinyl products. The shin protector may be red, blue, or white, but must correspond with your chest protector.

Forearm guard – Forearm guards are REQUIRED and it is mandatory that athletes get foam, cloth, or vinyl products. Any color forearm guard will be allowed.

Please Note: USA Taekwondo reserves the right to disallow any uniform or equipment if it is found to be offensive or degrading in any fashion.