All registration must take place on the USA Taekwondo Hang-A-Star system. Please CLICK HERE to register. 

Please have your USA Taekwondo membership number available to register. 

USA Taekwondo has a NO REFUND policy. NO REFUNDS will be given for any reason. 

Registration Deadlines ends at 11:59pm (Mountain Time) on the date specified for category in the registration fees table below.

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In accordance with the Article 4 of the WTF Competition Rules: The contestant must be:

  • Holder of a kukkiwon poom or Dan certificate. A copy of the black belt certificate should be enclosed when registering for the accreditation. In a case a contestant has applied for a kukkiwon Dan Certificate but has not received it yet, a copy of the Dan Application form and the remittance certificate sent to kukkiwon must be enclosed when registering for accreditation. Please refer to the kukkiwon website ( for more information
  • All athletes, coaches and team officials MUST have a Global Athlete License and/or Global Official License to compete in this the U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships. For details on obtaining your Global License CLICK HERE. Non-US participants must go through their Member National Association (MNA).
Note: USA Taekwondo uses the date of December 31 of the given year (December 31, 2015) to determine the age of all competitors. Example: If an athletes turns 14 on October 26, 2015 they would compete as a 14 year old in the 2015 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships, even though they are 13 years old at the time of the event.

Registration Requirements:
  • Athletes and coaches must pay IN FULL by the early and/or late registration deadline to receive the registration fee at that rate. 
  • Athletes, coaches and/or officials outside of the United States, please see the International registration packets for details on registration. Information for each country’s National Team is also available in this packet.
  • All U.S. Coaches and Officials must complete and clear a background check prior to registering for the 2015 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships. This is part of the Safe Sport – Background initiative that is mandatory for all United States Olympic Committee National Governing Bodies. This background check is required for all people that are in supervisory positions with our Taekwondo athletes. For more information on Safe Sport initiative please visit the USA Taekwondo website. 

Credential Pick Up and weigh-in procedures:
All participants must pick up their own credential for this event. You must present an ID at the time of registration. This ID must be either an official State issued ID, Passport or Global License as long as the photo on the Global Athlete License is a current photo.
All sparring competitors must also present an official State issued ID, passport or Global License at the time of weigh-in.
  • Lost credentials are subject to $15 reprint fee. U.S. Open staff reserves the right to conduct random and periodic ID checks during competition.
  • Any participate found on the competition floor without a credential will be asked to leave the competition floor and may be removed for the competition completely if found violating any of the USA Taekwondo policy, procedures or code of conduct.
  • Weigh-Ins
  • If an athlete wants to change weight at the time registration he/she may do so for a fee of $50.00. There is no fee to change weight if you change your weight prior to the final registration deadline. Athletes must change their weight prior to stepping on the official scale.

Important Notes:
  • For specific help regarding the USA Taekwondo Hang-a-star online registration system, refer to the Event FAQ (
  • All participants (athletes, coaches and team officials) are subject to and must obey ALL rules, regulations and policies of the USA Taekwondo and the World Taekwondo Federation herein or otherwise written.
  • All participants must provide their own red and blue head gear. (10-11 Youth and 33+ ultra competitors may use white) with no markings other than corporate logos. Cracks or defects in the headgear will not be allowed.

Registration Fees & Deadlines: