Level 2 – Developing Taekwondo Athletes and Coaches

The next step in the CIDP progression is Level 2 – Developing Taekwondo Athletes and Coaches seminar, which is the phase where coaches will start to separate themselves from the rest of the crowd. The Level 2 seminar is grouped into modules that will be offered over the course of a weekend or three-day period. Level 2 introduces the coach to sports science and coaching principles to maximize the development of athletes in the sport of Olympic-style Taekwondo. The curriculum builds upon the knowledge provided in Level 1 by incorporating the proper application and analysis of Taekwondo techniques and tactics. The Level 2 seminar also consists of modules contributed by the United States Olympic Committee to provide our coaches with cutting edge information. The topics that will be covered in this enlightening seminar will include designing periodization plans, sport psychology and the basics of strength and conditioning. 

Due to the type of content that will be delivered at this seminar, coaches must be certified at Level 1 in order to take the Level 2 seminar. 

Please stay posted to this web page for more information about the 2014 CIDP Level 2 seminar.

For questions, please contact Stacy Miller-Andrews by email at stacy.miller@usa-taekwondo.us