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Why Become a Part of the USA Table Tennis Community?

  • Table Tennis is played both recreationally and competitively
  • You can play to win, play for social reasons or for health benefits both physical and mental
  • Table Tennis is accessible and non-contact for able bodied and those with physical or mental disabilities
  • Table Tennis is an Olympic sport with professional leagues around the world
  • In the USA the NCTTA has a great College Table Tennis Season

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You can see just how amazing and intricate the sport of table tennis is below in this ESPN Sport Science video featuring US Olympian Erica Wu. 


What Are the Benefits of Being a USATT Member?

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  • You get to be part of an awesome community
  • Coaching and Official Training Courses

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Finally below, a great video with USATT Hall of Fame Inductee Dean Johnson, on the health benefits of playing table tennis!