USATT is proud to announce our partnership with Ashworth Awards to become the official awards provider of USA Table Tennis. Their superior quality medals were on display at the 2016 US Open as they provided the medal for the tournament. Click here for Ashworth Awards pricing exclusively for USA Table Tennis Clubs.

Important Tournament Documents:

Tournament Pass - $20 per Tournament

The Tournament Pass is now available to all players, first time or former members, for $20. Any new player or player with an expired membership can purchase this pass to play in one tournament. Subsequent tournaments will cost an additional $20 each.

Ratings - Ratings Process

  • Tournament results must be submitted no later than 14 days after the tournament. Failure to do so will result in the following processing penalties:
    - 14 days- $100
    - 21 days - $200
    - 28 days - $300
    Tournament results submitted past 35 days will not have their results processed and will be reported to the disciplinary action committee.
  • All waivers should be mailed to:
USA Table Tennis
4065 Sinton Rd. Ste. 120
Colorado Springs, CO 80907