Gregg Robertshaw - Seniors Advisory Committee

    Gregg Robertshaw
  • Been part of USATT since 1978 but played tournaments when I was as young as 11
  • Have played in many 5 star tournaments ( US Open ) starting back as 1978 when it was at Oklahoma City and Teams when it was held in Detroit. Stopped playing tournaments in the 90's to raise a family but have now resumed 2001.
  • I really enjoy tournaments and meeting everyone, its really fun,win or lose! 
  • My highest rating has been 2236 a few years ago. Not sure I'll ever see it again but its always something to shoot for.
  • Played mostly in clubs and/or do TT drills with my partner during off club hours.
  • I have coached the younger kids (8 - 14) back on 2002 - 2004. I have done some private coaching, mostly working with seniors. I study their styles and try to make the appropriate correction. It's been challenging to fix 'old' habits. 
  • I still work a full time job but when I retire in the near future, I would like to spend more time in Table Tennis coaching.