Rajul Sheth

For 13 years, Rajul Sheth has been putting his heart into Table Tennis in the US. He has been a coach, manager, and fundraiser. Currently, he is the Table Tennis Director at India Community Center in California. Here is summary of what he has achieved in the US: * Established one of the biggest full time table tennis centers in the country - ICC Table Tennis Center with over 400 members and 250 kids in junior training program.

* Qualifying athletes in national teams. The most relevant, qualifying 3 athletes Ariel Hsing, Timothy Wang & Lily Zhang at the 2012 Olympics, all three forged and prepared in the same club, no other worldwide clubs did the same. Again, in 2016, qualifying Lily Zhang and Jiaqi Zheng for the 2016 Olympics while Timothy Wang and Kanak Jha amongst ICC alumni.

* Recognition by USATT as Center of Excellence, and by ITTF as one of the 22 ITTF Hot Spot in the World for talent development.

* Currently 14 ICC Juniors are in 2016-17 National teams.

* Employed the largest professional coaching staff (11 full time and 10 part times) in the country to take our juniors to next level.

* Largest USATT singles league in the country with over 160 players compete each week.

* Introduces our sport to over 1000 new kids each year in 14 weeks of summer and winter camps. To run these camps he invites at least 15 coaches from India, China and Europe each year.

 Rajul was born in Baroda, Gujarat State in India. He was former Gujarat State Men's Singles Champion and had played on Indian National Circuit for 14 years. He is also a certified international umpire. Rajul received his BE of Mechanical Engineering from M. S. University in Baroda in 1990.

Moved to the US in 2003, and currently a Fremont resident. Rajul and his wife raise a son who also plays table tennis and was in the 2016 US Hopes Team. Rajul also won the 2008 USATT Developmental Coach of the Year Award and the 2008 USOC Developmental Coach of the Year Award amongst nominees of all Olympic sports. He was inducted into the California Table Tennis Hall of Fame in 2010.

When Rajul is away from Table Tennis, he enjoys cooking. Chicken tandoori and lamb biryani, among others, are his specialties.