This is the official USA Table Tennis List of Approved Equipment. Help support USA Table Tennis by buying approved equipment only from these Supplier Pool Members. Please see the ITTF link for the rest of the ITTF approved equipment list.

Only USATT and/or ITTF Approved Equipment maybe used at all USATT sanctioned tournaments.

Important notice to Equipment Suppliers & Distributors regarding US Gray and Black Market Sales.

Products Company
Adidas - Competition*** Sport Squad, LLC
Butterfly - Butterfly*** Martin-Kilpatrick
Cornilleau - P-Ball***, Elite ***, Expert, P-Ball, Pro  Cornilleau
Donic - Donic***, Coach Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Gambler - Bullet Platinum***
JOOLA - Gold 3 Star, Magic, Rossi Champ, Rossi 3 Star, Select, Super 3 Star, Training Sport Squad, LLC
Nittaku - Nittaku***, Nittaku*** Premium
Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Stiga - Competition***, Optimum*** Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Tibhar - Tibhar***, Tibhar JPS*** Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Yasaka - Yasaka***, Training
Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.


Products Company
Adidas - Pro II Sport Squad, LLC
Butterfly - Europa, National League Martin-Kilpatrick
Donic - Clip, Stress, World Champion Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
JOOLA - Spring, WM Sport Squad, LLC
Newgy - Tournament Newgy Industries, Inc.
Stiga - Clipper VM, Evolution, Premium Clip, Premium VM                                                 Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Tibhar - Rondo, Smash Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Yasaka - Master 2000 Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.


Products Company

A32W Pro, G2W Pro, H2W Touch Pro, S4W Pro, Table Top Pro

Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Butterfly - Amicus 1000, Amicus 3000, Amicus 3000 Plus, Amicus Advanced, Amicus Basic, Amicus Pro Martin-Kilpatrick
iPong - iPong Original, iPong Pro, iPong Topspin Sport Squad, LLC
Newgy - Robo-Pong Table Tennis Robot - RP 540, RP 1040, RP1050, RP2040, and RP 2050 Newgy Industries, Inc.
SMARTPong - SmartPong



Products Company
Butterfly - Centrefold, Centrefold 25, Centrefold 25 Sky, Europa, Europa 25, Europa 25 Sky, Octet, Octet 25 Martin-Kilpatrick
Cornilleau - 850 Wood ITTF, 740 ITTF, 640 ITTF, 610 ITTF, 540 ITTF, PARK, 540 M Crossover, 510 M Outdoor, 700 M Crossover, 500 M Crossover, 400 M Crossover, 300 S Crossover, 250 S Crossover, 150 S Crossover, 100 Crossover, 500 Indoor, 250 Indoor, 100 Indoor
DHS - T 2024 Regent Newgy Industries, Inc.
Donic - Compact, Delhi, Delhi 25, Delhi SLC, Persson 25, Persson Classic 22, Waldner Classic 25, Waldner Highschool, Waldner SC, World Championship TC Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.

JOOLA - 2000-S, 3000-SC, Duomat, Rollomat, Showroom, World Cup S

Sport Squad, LLC
Kettler - Baltic, Champ 3.0, Champ 5.0, Classic, Magnum/Master Pro, Master Pro, Match 3.0, Match 5.0, Match Pro, Narvik, Nordkap/Stockholm, Riga Pro, Riga Pro/Sven Champion, Top Star XL, Top Star XL/Garden XL Kettler International, Inc.
Stiga - Competition, Expert, Expert Roller, Expert Roller CSS, Optimum 30, Premium Compact Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.
Tibhar - Smash 28, Smash 28/R, Smash 28/SC, Top Paddle Palace Table Tennis Co.