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11 Questions with Barry Dattel

By Sean O'Neill | Jan. 01, 2017, 9:56 p.m. (ET)

Barry Dattel

USA Insider poses 11 questions to Barry Dattel

1) Why do you play?
I love to hit the ball.

2) Which is your favorite tournament?

3) Who is your primary nemesis?
Right now, since I do not play to many tournaments, it is the player on the other side of the table.

4) What is your favorite game tactic to score?
Serve and attack.

5) Thoughts on the Poly Ball.
Hate them. The are not round, cost too much and break too easily. Pretty much there is nothing I like about the poly ball. But the professional played matches seem to be more exciting too watch.

6) Toughest Loss?

Too many to list, maybe my greatest loss was to Chinese National Team member Ma Wenge at the teams in Detroit in 1993 when I believe he was #3 in the world. I won the second game (to 21 points) in a 2 out of 3 match, was down 9-11 in the third. Had glory thoughts and proceeded to lose the next 8 or 9 points in a row. By the way I have the tape of this match and show off my greatest loss as my best match played as oppose to my best win.

7) Greatest Wins?
Has to be Sean O'Neill, Jimmy Butler and Danny Seemiller. (maybe add to the list Rey Domingo and George Brathwaite as I was coming up)

8) How you prepare for a tournament?
Practice more game play situations.

9) When you see a new player at the club, what do you do?

I meet, greet and introduce myself and the club. Then try to get them playing with someone competitive right away.

10) Player you would most like to play in a tournament?
I like to play defensive players like choppers or blockers. There is no one in particular these days. I am just happy to play tournaments.

11) If you had to face Jimmy Butler, Lily Zhang or Kanak Jha what would your game plan be?
Since I have no chance of winning now, I would go in trying to have some fun and still try to be somewhat competitive.

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