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Pan Am Games Results - Day 7

By USATT | July 25, 2015, 12 a.m. (ET)

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Wu Yue (USA) after beating Caroline Kumuhara (BRA) 4-1 in the women’s singles semi finals: “I tried to make sure that I didn’t play the first ball towards her backhand, she’s very strong from the backhand. Whenever I could I played towards the middle.” “Also, I tried to vary the spin on the ball but perhaps most important was to keep calm. I’d played Caroline several years ago, I think at the Chile Open and I’d lost, so I knew I had to fight hard today.”

Lily Zhang (USA) after losing to Gui Lin (BRA) 4-3 in the women’s singles semi finals: “When I was down, when I saved the match point in the fifth game I felt relaxed. In the seventh games I tense up; that’s why I lost.”

Gui Lin (BRA) after beating Lily Zhang (USA) 4-3 in the women’s singles semi finals: “Playing Lily if you play fast it’s very difficult; she is very good attacking quickly from the backhand, so I tried whenever I could to play with a lot of spin, not too fast. I’ve prepared really thoroughly for this tournament; I tried not to think about the score, I tried to enjoy the match, fight all the time and play one point at a time.”

Wu Yue (USA) after beating Gui Lin (BRA) 4-3 in the women’s singles final: “After winning the second game I started to think too much about winning the gold medal; that’s why I lost the next three. It was important that I really concentrated better.” “At the change of ends in the seventh game when I was losing 5-1, I didn’t really change anything: I just tried to play my game, try to be the first to attack and eventually I won. Now, I just feel amazing, I’m going to the Olympic Games!”

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