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Pan Am Games Results - Day 4

By USATT | July 22, 2015, 1:30 p.m. (ET)

2 Players will advance out of the Round Robins into Single-elimination Play

Group 1                             Details of group 1
 TSUBOI Gustavo  BRA    4-1
 JHA Kanak  USA    4-1
 COELLO Geovanny  ECU    1-4
 MEDJUGORAC Marko  CAN    1-4

Group 3                             Details of group 3
 OLIVARES Felipe  CHI   
 BUTLER Jimmy  USA    WO-4
 VILA Isaac  DOM   

Group 9                             Details of group 9
 ALTO Gaston  ARG   
 WANG Timothy  USA    4-2
 MOSCOSO Heber  GUA   
 TAPIA Rodrigo  ECU    2-4

Group 1                             Details of group 1
 ZHANG Lily  USA    4-0
 DIAZ Melanie  PUR    4-1
 LOW Katherine  CHI    0-4
 GALVEZ Eunice  ECU    1-4

Group 4                             Details of group 4
 SILVA Yadira  MEX    4-1
 BRITO Eva  DOM    0-4
 ESTRADA Andrea  GUA    1-4
 WU Yue ^  USA    4-0

Group 5                             Details of group 5
 KUMAHARA Caroline  BRA    4-0
 CORDERO Carelyn  PUR    0-4
 GONZALEZ Roxy  VEN    0-4
 ZHENG Jiaqi ^  USA    4-0


Wu Yue (USA) after beating Eva Brito (DOM) 4-0 in the women’s singles qualification: 

“At the end of 2008 I decided to leave China, I wanted to see the world; I gained United States citizenship on the very last day of 2014.“I live in New York, in New Jersey and I coach at Spin New York.” “Before a tournament like the Pan American Games I go back to China to practise for a month in order to prepare” “I’m pleased with how I played, Eva goes back from the table. She is very strong with her top spin play, so I stayed close in order to be able to control the points.”

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