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Thank You - US Open Staff, Partners, Sponsors, Officials, Volunteers and Participants!

By Gordon Kaye/USATT | July 21, 2015, 12 a.m. (ET)

Kaye & Godhwani

USATT CEO Gordon Kaye giving some post match encouragement after a hard fought match

To all… 

It has been a full week since the 2015 US Open came to a rousing conclusion at OMNIA, and as I sit back and recollect on the event, I can’t help but be so thankful to our great community for making this year’s event arguably the most exciting in the history of USA Table Tennis. 

Certainly there are things we can improve, and we are committed to making the necessary changes and adjustments with the goal of developing our USATT events (the US Open and US National Championships) into the best table tennis tournaments in the world. The best.  

I wish I could thank all of you personally, but unfortunately that isn’t practically possible. Instead, I wanted to take this opportunity to pass along a big THANK YOU to everyone that made the 2015 US Open such a special experience: 

  • To our players, parents, coaches and participants. With over 1,000 players from 33 countries, the 2015 US Open marked the single largest Open in the history of USA Table Tennis – and the largest international tournament in North America. Congratulations to everyone that participated…you are all champions! 
  • To our volunteers. An event of this size would not have been possible without your selfless commitment to our sport and the event. You worked tirelessly to coordinate all of the “little things” that are so important to making sure our participants have a great tournament experience.    
  • To our officials. Officiating at an event of this size can be daunting as we navigated the complexities of scheduling events and tables, but you were patient and cooperative, working with tournament operations staff and players to provide the best possible experience.  
  • To our tournament operations team from North American Table Tennis. Managing an event this size isn’t easy, and you came through like champions! Even with the substantial amount of planning that went into the event, your ability and willingness to identify issues and rectify them immediately was nothing short of outstanding. With over 130 tables in three locations you went above and beyond the call of duty to serve our players.
  • To our event sponsors, Nittaku/Paddle Palace and JOOLA. Without you, the US Open would simply not be possible. Your unfailing commitment to USA Table Tennis enables us to continue to grow and expand our sport and provide a world-class experience to our participants. 
  • To our partners at the Las Vegas Convention Center. You continue show your commitment to providing our vendors, contractors, operations team and guests with a great experience!   
  • To our partners at Caesars Entertainment, Caesars Palace and the LINQ. I have heard overwhelmingly positive feedback from our new hotel partnership, and eagerly look forward to continuing to grow our sport by providing a world-class experience to our guests.  Let’s not forget how much fun the pool party was also! 
  • To our partners at OMNIA nightclub. I don’t think anyone could have dreamed of a more elegant venue to host the finals, and you delivered. You have set the standard for the presentation of table tennis in the United States moving forward! 
  • To our vendors. Your participation in the event greatly enhanced the tournament experience by providing our athletes and guests with a fun, interactive opportunity to see and sample all of the great new products on the market.  I hope you sold a lot! 
  • To over video operations crew. You met the challenges of coordinating operations from two locations head- 
  • To our USATT office staff. See you in the office tomorrow! 

One last “special” THANK YOU needs to go to USATT Board Member Ed Hogshead and USATT Member David Rockwell, without whom the event at OMNIA would not have been possible. Their vision and leadership were invaluable in delivering a world-class event experience! 

Most of all, I would like to thank all of you for allowing me the opportunity to lead this organization. USA Table Tennis has a bright future -- and I eagerly look forward to being a part of it! 


Gordon Kaye
USA Table Tennis 


USATT STAFF/Organizing Committee
Benavides, Teresa
Gest, Samuel
Gheorghe, Doru
Horn, Andy
Oldland, Tiffany

Lee, Richard
Miller, John
Heo, Richard
Messervy, Jonathan
Parra, Marynes
Pugmire, Ashley
Pugmire, Edward

Dillon, Wendell - Evaluator
Hsing, Linda – Chief Umpire
Ibrahim, Azmy – Racket Control
Karshtedt, Yelena – Deputy Referee
Kondo, Lee – Deputy Chief Umpire
Ng, Henry – Deputy Referee
Yick, Joseph –Referee

Banko, Stephen
Cavicchio, Raymond
Chung, Peter
Hall, Jamey
Hellwig, Irina
Lee, Joseph
Lee, Kagin
Livshin, Bella
Marcum, Cindy
Martin, Richard
Mock, Kenny
Ozel, Erdogan
Peng, John
Perez, Richard
Potts, Ken
Reynolds, Can
Simon, Craig
Vanegas, Jorge
Wisniewski, Jacek

Akinlade, Davies
Arinye, Cecilia
Barrios, Daniel
Biagtan, Honorato
Daira, Hiroe
Erbas, Mustafa
Fukuda, Tomoko
Hung, Ed
Kamiya, Akiko
Kisakye, Monica Leah
Kler, Amolak Singh
Kong, Kam
Kong, Lai Chu
Konno, Kazuko
Lajide, Emmanuel
Mahara, Tejendra Singh
Muto, Hiroyoshi
Nakao, Yasuko
Prakash, Anand
Samha, Mohammed
Shanker, Gautam
Shibata, Keiko
Sunoqrot, Nael
Truong, William

Arpon, Joyce
Ashkenazi, Steve
Benavides, Eli
Boots, Charles
Bulatao, Jean
Cheung, Marguerite
Cox, Cathy
Dabreo, Trudy
Danilau, Maksim
Dault, Joe
Dault, Teresa
Davis, Lyndon
Ding, Yingmei (Mei)
Escobedo, Juan
Fox, Bob
Garvet, Tom
Gong, Tong Tong
Griffin, Wayne
Haase, J
Hogshead, Ed
Huang, Guo Ning
Kasowski, Leszek
Ladd, Gerald
Ladd, Lou
Link, Sharon
Lui, Arthur
Ma, Yanrui
Mascialino, Greg
McCann, Asami
McCann, Frank
Mu, Yihua
Nguyen, An N
Pauer, Marius
Piracci, Joseph
Romero, Daniel
Romero, Freida
Rush, Darrell
Starr, Marge
Wan, Kenneth
Yick, Jessica
Yick, Joanne

Bobrow, Adam
Del Vecchio, David
Heo, Drew
O'Neill, Sean
Seemiller, Danny
Eider, Cory
Xiao, Han
Scott Gordon

JOOLA USA - Richard Lee, President
Nittaku/Paddle Palace - Judy Hoarfrost, President

Caesars Entertainment
Caesars Palace
The Linq
Las Vegas Monorail
Las Vegas Convention and Visitor's Authority