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2013 US Club Championships

By Mauricio Vergara | Jan. 09, 2014, 9 a.m. (ET)

The Final Results of the US Club Championship 2013: Clubs representing the Bay Area League, LA League and NY Table Tennis League played the 5th US Club League Championships. All teams are finalist in their respective leagues in their highest division.

The finals standing was :

1. ICC (Bay Area league)

2. Silicon Valley TTC  (Bay Area League)

3. Lily Yip TTC (NYTTL)


5. Spin Standar (LA League)

6. Allen & Sons TTC (LA League)

Team ICC
Zhou, Xin
Liang, Yonghui
Wang, Timothy

Han, Zheng
Wang, Rui
Ren, Ruiqin

Team Lily Yip TTC
Chan, Calvin Tinhang
Bao, Larry
Liu, Leslie

Gao, Yanjun
Yu, Shao
Wu, Yue (Jennifer)
Wang, XinYue (Taylor)

Team Spin Standar
Mehta, Subal
Awale, Sandesh
Bobrow, Adam

Allen & Sons TTC
Mihet, Emilian
Figueroa, Alex
Baltaxe, Michael

Quarter Finals
Spin Standard vs Lily Yip TTC (0-3)
Mehta vs Chan (2-3 ; 8,-5,-10,7,6)
Awale vs Bao (1-3; 7,-9,7,8)
Awale/Bobrow vs Chan, Liu (0-3;12,9,9)

Quarter Finals
Allen & Sons vs CCCF (0-5 by Default)

Semi Finals
Lily Yip TTC vs ICC (2 -3)
Bao vs Zhou Xin (1-3; -9, 5,6,4)
Chan vs Liang (0-3; 10, 8, 8)
Bao/Liu vs Liang, Wang Timothy (3-0 by default)
Chan vs Wang (3-0 by default)
Liu vs Zhou (0-3; 7,3,5)

Semi Finals
CCCF vs Silicon Valley (1-3)
Gao vs Wang  (1-3, 7, 9, -9, 4)
Wu vs Han (0-3, 8, 5, 7)
Wu/Wang vs Wang/Ren (3-1; 10, 8, -3 ,7)
Gao vs Ren (1-3; -5, 12, 8, 3)

ICC vs Silicon Valley TTC (3-0)
Zhou vs Wang (3-1; 12, 8, -10, 3)
Liang vs han (3-1; 8, 3, -9, 11)
Liang/Wang vs Wang/Ren (3-1; -8, 9, 4, 2)

2013 US Club ChampionshipsThe final was yet another all bay area final in the 2013 US Nationals. SVTTC (Silicon Valley Table Tennis Club) and ICC (India CommunityCenter) are both located in Milpitas, California. 12 full-time professional coaches (7 from SVTTC and 5 from ICC) came to the 2013 US Nationals to coach their players. They brought over 50 students to Las Vegas for the tournament. You could see their students all over the place. Coaches of either team did not have time to go out of the playing hall for lunches. Both clubs worked collaboratively, mostly handled by parents, to get lunch boxes for their players, coaches, and parents. Over 300 lunch boxes were ordered throughout the tournament. ICC was top seed and SVTTC the second and here is the reason.

CCCF from NY traveled only to play the Club League Finals, also Lily Yip TTC have a conflict with their main players; Adam, Cory and Judy, therefore the young promising players from Lily Yip played representing their club.  They defeat Spin Standard (related to Spin NY) by 3-0.

ICC defeated LYTTC (Lily Yip Table Tennis club in New Jersey) in the semi-finals while SVTTC defeated the defending champion CCCF (Chinese Community Center of Flushing, New York) in the other semi-finals on Friday to set up the final on the final day of the 2013 US Nationals. ICC had the upper hand on the paper and won 3-0.  The quality of the matches was extremely high throughout the finals. 

Please watch the finals action from table 1 and table 2 in Las Vegas.

USATT is proud of the participation of the having league winners from across the country.  As usual we invite all clubs in other regions to create their own league and being part of this great event. We also hope to improve the organization and production of this great event.


Mauricio Vergara

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