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USATT Tournament Advisory Committee Minutes

By Larry Rose | June 10, 2013, 5 p.m. (ET)

The USATT Tournament Advisory Committee met on 10 June 2013. 

Meeting began at 5pm Mountain time via teleconference. 

Attendees were:

TAC Voting Members:

- Larry Rose (Chair)
- Thomas Wintrich
- Lee Kondo
- Wendell Dillon 

TAC Non-voting Members

- Andrew Horn (Staff Liaison)
- Larry Thoman (National Sanctioning Coordinator) 


- Mike Cavanaugh (USATT CEO)
- Mike Babuin (USATT Board of Directors Chair) 

The group reviewed the comments received from the Regional Sanctioning Coordinators relating to the new Star Ratings Criteria. Several of the comments had already been addressed prior to the meeting by Wendell Dillon and Larry Thoman. 

It was noted that there was no expectation that the system would be perfect initially, and several of the comments received will be easier to judge and address after some data is collected. All sanction forms will be received at USATT as part of the sanction process, and data will be collated and reviewed when the TAC determines it is necessary to modify the system. 

Along with the updated Sanction Form and Tournament Guide which will be released as soon as is possible, Larry Thoman is drafting a Frequently Asked Questions list. He is also working to organize an informational meeting at the US Open in July. Further information will be posted at the event. 

The draft Sanction Form was reviewed line by line and updated by consensus. 

The meeting was adjourned at 6:40pm Mountain Time.