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By Joshua Dyke | Jan. 12, 2021, 9 p.m. (ET)

Princeton Pong is well-known as central New Jersey’s premier table tennis club. The club pairs an exceptional facility with professional coaches that are suitable for first-time guests and high-caliber players alike. Flint and Kathy Lane opened Princeton Pong in 2014; the following year, in 2015, Ben Rosenberg began his role as club general manager. Rosenberg is eager to be hosting the New Jersey State Qualification Tournament at Princeton Pong on March 03/13/2021 – 03/14/2021.

Mr. Rosenberg shares a passion for table tennis that is only matched by his determination to create a welcoming atmosphere for all players who walk through the doors at Princeton Pong. Players from around the country that are welcomed to Princeton Pong are provided with 14 high-end tables, barriers, and competition flooring. It’s fitting that a facility equipped with quality playing courts also features coaches and staff that strive to connect with their players and members.

Before Rosenberg became the Princeton Pong G.M., he was an avid golfer and teaching pro at Greenacres Country Club in New Jersey.  It was among the driving range where his original thought of table tennis was more family-oriented and recreational. During a time at the range, talks arose with Princeton Pong club owner Flint Lane about his recent club opening. Mr. Rosenberg saw this as an opportunity to branch out into a new career in table tennis while still having a connection to his passion for sports.

When Ben became the G.M of Princeton Pong he found himself captivated by the atmosphere of the table tennis community. He met all walks of diverse people who shared a passion for the sport that was accompanied by a feeling of togetherness within the club. The table tennis community and Ben’s ambition began to shape his future in table tennis. Ben had stated, “I was hyper-focused on getting the business to the heights I knew it could achieve.” When asked what knowledge he had to obtain, “It was the knowledge and understanding of this incredible game only a player would understand. I began studying the game from equipment, strategy, technique, footwork, you name it...I was trying to absorb it all.”

Ben Rosenberg has taken his passion for the game of table tennis and inserted it into his vision for Princeton Pong. His goal to include diverse levels of play at his club. His vision to cultivate the sport of table tennis at his club and around the country. Lastly, Ben’s inclusion of remaining enthusiastic as we progress past the COVID-19 pandemic together. Ben has been embraced by the table tennis community and continues to look forward to the future of the sport. Princeton Pong will be a part of the next evolution of table tennis in America. As hosts to the 2021 New Jersey SQT, Princeton Pong presents New Jersey’s first round of events will that be playing to qualify for the 2021 U.S. Table Tennis Nationals.