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USATT Announces the Coach of the Year Awards for 2020

By USATT Director of Communications - Chad Knasinski | Jan. 08, 2021, 12 a.m. (ET)

2020 Coach of the Year Awards

The 2020 Coach of the Year Selection Committee is proud to announce the following awards for superior excellence in coach duties for 2020:

  • National Coach of the Year – Tao Wenzhang – Spartans TTC, Santa Clara, CA
  • Mark Nordby Developmental Coach of the Year –  Dan Liu –  ICC, Milpitas, CA 
  • Volunteer Coach of the Year – Mike Boyd – Samson Dubina TTA, Uniontown, OH
  • Doc Counsilman – Qingliang Wang – MDTTC, Germantown, MD
  • Para Coach of the Year – Vlad Farcas – San Antonio, TX
  • Para Development Coach of the Year – Gary Fraiman, Sunrise TTC, Clearwater, FL 

National Coach of the Year - Wenzhang Tao

Coach Wenzhang Tao has been instrumental in developing top talent in the Bay area for many years now. His success is evident in the performances of Nikhil Kumar and other National Team athletes. Besides working with the National Team level athletes, Coach Tao created a pipeline of strong up-and-coming players who train together as a team. He has been instrumental in guiding and motivating them from a young age, focusing on their techniques, tactics, and physical and mental training. 

Mark Nordby Developmental Coach of the Year - Dan Liu

Coach Dan Liu has training and developing athletes at ICC since 2010. In 10 years at ICC, he has helped train Olympians like Lily Zhang, Timothy Wang, Ariel Hsing, Jiaqi Zheng and Nikhil Kumar.  His extensive training experience with top-level players have greatly benefited the players.  Coach Dan Liu knows how to keep his juniors interested in the sport as well as when to apply pressure to bring the best out of his players.

Volunteer Coach of the Year - Mike Boyd

Coach Mike Boyd has positively influenced the entire table tennis community in Ohio through the coaches and players at the academy, in tournaments, help run USATT tournaments, and housing players throughout the year.  All of his work is completely 100% volunteer.  Coach Mike Boyd specializes in encouraging beginners and finding ways to complement their natural skills and give helpful advice to improve their weak points and grow as players.  

Doc Counsilman Award - Wang Qingliang

Coach Wang Qingliang is the Head Coach of the Talent Development Program that trains at the Maryland Table Tennis Club (MDTTC). The program began in 2015 and taught more than 30 juniors each year, between the ages 7-14, from Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Coach Wang has created a comprehensive program that emphasizes training as a team, focusing on all aspects of developing young players - technical, tactical, physical, emotional, mental, etc. 

Para Coach of the Year – Vlad Farcas

Coach Vlad Farkas started working with the US National Team athletes in the 2019. Even though he is one of our youngest coaches, Vlad brings to the table many years of Para experience as he trained in the past with the Romanian Para athletes. In 2020 he coached Para wheelchair National Team athletes. Besides improving level of Para National Team athletes, he also initiated Para table tennis programs with SAPD, Lone Star Paralympic Academy and other organizations.

Para Development Coach of the Year – Gary Fraiman

In 2020, Coach Gary Fraiman continued working with Para athletes in Clearwater, Florida area. Coach Gary hosted a few clinics in the Sunrise Table Tennis club with Para world rated athletes, Para Veterans and Para youth athletes.

Congratulations to each of our COY winners!  Each is to be commended for their professional and on-going contributions to promoting our sport through our athletes' coaching services.