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Player Profile: Ye Tian is Ready to Step Up His Game

By USATT Director of Communications - Chad Knasinski | Jan. 05, 2021, 9 p.m. (ET)

When Ye Tian came to the U.S. in 2014, he didn’t know what to expect when he landed on the east coast.  Growing up in China, Ye Tian came to the U.S. in hopes of expanding his experience and knowledge in the world of Table Tennis.  At age 16, Ye Tian learned many lessons in the U.S. and now has matured into a man and achieving great success along the way. 

At just eight years old, Ye Tian first picked up a paddle in China, where he was born.  Instantly, he fell in love with the sport of table tennis, and by the age of 10, Ye and his teammates had won the National Team Title at the National Junior Table Tennis Championships in China.  Ye states, “I love table tennis. I also enjoy the excitement of competition.”

After turning professional at the age of 12, Ye worked with great athletes such as World Champion Hao Wang of the Bayi Team to grow his knowledge of the sport and learn what it takes to become a champion.  Ye’s experience of the sport has allowed him to grow as an athlete and take on new challenges that will enable him to take his game to the international level.

Moving to the U.S. in 2014, Ye wanted to continue his table tennis experience by playing against opponents that would challenge the skills that he acquired in China.  His development of a strong forehand attack along with a strong backhand block, as well as a no-spin and back-spin serve, helped Ye reach his highest ranking of 2642 with USATT. 

In 2016, Ye helped the New Jersey Table Tennis Club (NJTTC) win third place at the North America Team Championships. The highlight in 2017 was a quarterfinal finish in the Men’s Singles in the U.S. Open in Las Vegas and capturing the America’s Team Championship for his NJTTC team.  In 2018, Ye took second place in Mixed Doubles in the U.S. Open and placed third in U21.  In 2019, Ye attended the ITTF World Tour in Croatia and defeated Russian Ivonin Denis, the number one ranked player in U21 Men’s World Ranking, during the quarterfinals match for Men’s Singles.

After the COVID year of 2020, Ye is ready to get back to competitive matches starting with Thursday Night Live – T2 Challenge Season 2 hosted by T2 and USATT beginning in January of 2021.  Ye states, “I hope the T2 Challenge will bring more exciting moments and progress to the development of table tennis in the United States!”  Ye will be in the region of San Francisco and compete against some of the best table tennis players in the country for his chance to advance to the Finals in Las Vegas this spring. Ye Tian will also be competing in the USATT's State Qualifications, new for this year and will try and bring home a State Championship to NJTTC.

The future is bright for this young star, and he shows great promise to take his game to the next level.  Ye’s past and current coaches describe him as a fast-break and all-around attacker who demonstrates the various techniques and fully reflects the best Chinese-penholder features – agile, fast, accurate, aggressive, and tactical. His passion and love for the sport will carry him a long way in this sport, along with his drive and determination.  Ye Tian would never have thought his dreams could come true unless he made the move to the United States.  Now, anything is possible for Mr. Ye Tian.