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USATT Announces New Membership Programs for 2021

By USATT COO - Mark Thompson | Jan. 04, 2021, 1 p.m. (ET)


USATT Announces New Membership Programs for 2021

National Governing Body for the Sport of Table Tennis to Implement a Simplified Membership Structure in which Members Can Select Between Two Plans – Basic and Pro


(Colorado Springs, CO – January 4th, 2021) – USA Table Tennis (“USATT”), the National Governing Body for the sport of table tennis, announced today announced that the organization is implementing a new, simplified membership structure, which will take effect on January 1, 2021. Under the new program, members can select one of two available annual memberships – “Basic” and “Pro” – depending on each particular member’s playing goals.


The Pro Plan, which will cost $75 per year, will allow the member to play in all USATT Sanctioned Tournaments and Leagues, including the US Nationals and US Open. The Basic Plan, which will cost $25, permits the member to play in 0 – 4 Star Tournaments, which will include a new event – the US Nationals State Qualification Tournament – and USATT Leagues. All members will continue to receive the historical benefits of USATT membership including coverage under an accidental medical insurance policy, voting privileges, travel and sponsor discounts, access to the USATT newsletter, and full access to the complete USATT rating system.


USATT will continue to offer the Lifetime Membership for $1,300, which will entitle Lifetime Members to the full benefits under the “Pro” plan. In addition, USATT will continue to offer the Tournament Pass for persons seeking to play in a single tournament. The Tournament Pass will be priced at $20 for juniors and $50 for adults.


“We’re excited to introduce this new membership structure to our table tennis community,” said USATT Chief Executive Officer Virginia Sung. “After considerable analysis and discussion with our members and several critical committees, we have concluded that there really are two types of players within our membership group – those that are serious competitive players and those who are more interested in the many other benefits of playing table tennis – including comradeship and physical fitness – but still want to play tournaments at some level and local leagues. Our new membership structure seeks to simplify the available options, accommodate our serious athletes, and reduce the barriers to entry for membership, as we seek to expand the umbrella of persons who can benefit from USATT membership.”


As noted, USATT’s new membership structure will take effect on January 1, 2021. In the interim, persons may purchase the organization’s existing membership products, including the junior, collegiate, and three- and five- year options. USATT will honor all existing, and/or memberships purchased during this interim period, as receiving the full benefits of the “Pro” membership through each membership’s expiration date.


Along with the implementation of the new membership plans, there will be several changes in USATT policies beginning on January 1, 2021, including a requirement that all persons playing in a USATT League must be USATT member. The $25 Basic Membership Plan is at least in part intended to accommodate those persons playing in USATT leagues.


Also, USATT is going to eliminate the Rating Access Subscription program, as all members will gain full and complete access to the USATT rating system, including access to the ratings of persons who have played in USATT events, but are no longer active members of the organization. However, USATT members will be required to log onto USATT’s web portal using their membership credentials to gain access to the rating system.


One of the most significant developments for USATT under these new policies and procedures will be the ‘regionalization’ of the US National Table Tennis Championships. In this regard, USATT is still going host the large single venue, multi-event traditional elite level tournament for all persons interested in competing for a National title that table tennis enthusiasts have enjoyed since the mid-1970’s. The 2021 US Nationals are currently intended to be played on July 4 – 9, 2021, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.


However, in addition to the large national event, USATT in collaboration with selected affiliated USATT Member Clubs, is going to host state and regional qualification tournaments leading up to the national event. The US Nationals State Qualification Tournament, which will be held at a USATT affiliated member club facility in each participating state, will offer up to twenty-nine separate championship level open or age-group events. The winner of each of these events will be honored as a “USATT State Champion” and receive an automatic bye into the main draw of that event at the US Nationals. Similarly, USATT and eight select affiliated Member Clubs throughout the United States, will host regional tournaments for qualification into US Nationals. Once again, the winners at the regional events will be honored as a “USATT Regional Champion” and receive an automatic bye into the main draw for their particular event at Nationals.


USATT expects to identify the affiliated Member Clubs selected to host the state and regional qualifiers for US Nationals in the near future and will proceed to publish the prospectus for these events, which will be held beginning late this year through April of 2021. For state qualifiers held before January 1, 2021, participants will be permitted to purchase the new annual “Basic” Membership plan for just $25 and play in the event.

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