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Arizona SQT – Phoenix Table Tennis Club, Tony Cheung

By Joshua Dyke | Feb. 02, 2021, 9 p.m. (ET)

AZ Club Play SQT Photo

The Arizona US Nationals Table Tennis Championships State Qualification Tournament (SQT) will be at Phoenix Table Tennis Club at the Arizona Recreation Center for the Handicapped. The state tournament will take place on Monday, March 22nd, and Wednesday, March 24th. Event registration is now open on

Phoenix TTC is one of the larger destinations in Arizona for all things table tennis. The club administrator, Tony Cheung, joined PTTC in 2008. Together, they continue to host all manner of players while sporting fourteen competitive courts for players from all around the state.

Mr. Cheung is glowing with excitement about the upcoming Arizona SQT and the post-pandemic SQT future. He sees an opportunity for his developing club members to gain valuable experience during the tournament. Cheung had this to say about the SQT opportunity, “there are a lot of people that are kind of shy about going to the Nationals, and this is a good chance for them to get to the Nationals."

Phoenix TTC is the Arizona favorite when new players wish to develop within the sport of table tennis. Cheung stated on the matter, "of the people who first come to the club, about fifty percent of them stay and become members. We have a good number of players and a good number of low-level players that are easier for newcomers to play with.” The range of player talent is perfect for all players interested in visiting the club.

Furthermore, the club provides ample opportunities for players around the state of Arizona. According to Cheung, his club holds five tournaments a year, ranging from eighty to one-hundred participants strong.

"We are one of the bigger clubs in the state; that is why we feel compelled to hold tournaments, so people from Tucson to Prescott can come and try out the sport," Cheung said.

The 2021 State Qualifier held in Arizona is in an environment built for joyful and memorable table tennis experiences. Sprinkle in the competitive nature of consistent league play, and Phoenix Table Tennis Club is the ideal setting for the SQT, and in Arizona, all things table tennis.