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$3000 Nittaku Ohio Open Recap

By Samson Dubina | Sept. 29, 2020, 5:30 p.m. (ET)

Here at the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy, we were thrilled to host our first USATT tournament this season.  Many players came out to support our event and competed both Friday and Saturday in giant round robin events consisting of 6-8 players per group with the top 4 players advancing from each group.  In addition to 800 LUX lighting, Enlio rubberized flooring, Nittaku tables and balls and barriers, we also had larger court sizes on the featured 8 tables for improved playing conditions.

The top 4 finishers in each event received prizes on the awards podium.  There were many amazing matches, a few notable performances are outlined below...

Chance Friend
On Friday night, Chance Friend was on fire going undefeated in the u2600 event rolling through nearly everyone 3-0 with 2 upsets along the way.  In the final, he dropped the first game to Tian Ye before racing back to a 3-1 win.

Sharon Alguetti
He is one of the most creative 2600+ rated players in the US.  Locked in gear, he was creative and yet extremely focused.  After cruising through the initial 7 player round robin group, Sharon got a bye in the top 16, then won 3-0 in the quarterfinals, 3-0 in the semifinals, and 3-1 in the finals to take home the title and the $1000 top prize.

Adam Slomski
As a weekly contender in the Paddle Palace Ohio League, I can say that Adam is one of the toughest 1787-rated-players I have ever met with good athletic ability, very controlled topspin strokes from mid-distance, and surprise power shots from both wings.  He proved it this tournament by winning the u1800 giant round robin, winning the u1900 giant round robin, and getting the quarterfinals of the u2000.

Chester Taylor
This 10-year-old played for 6 months as offensive player, then switched to being a chopper about 10 months ago.  The switch proved to be a good move as the chopper swept the competition throughout the weekend with 16 straight wins and 1 loss to Matthew Britz results in the 1st in the U1400 and 2nd in the U1600, an amazing feat for a 10-year-old only playing for 16 months!

David Pecot
Some people think that only kids can improve...  and David just proved them wrong.  With much dedication to lessons, classes, leagues, and open play, David has made significant progress in the last several months and his efforts paid off with winning both the u1000 and u1200 events!

Other Champions
A few other names that I need to mention are Gediminas Mickus the winner of the u2400, Louis Levene the winner of the u2200, Sam Gacki the winner of the u2000, Pranam Acharya winner of the u1700, Josiah Jefferson winner of the u900, Sadhvi Kurra winner of the u800, as well as Seth Pech for a 3-0 victory over Adar Alguetti, Jacob Boyd for now becoming the #7 Ranked Mini-Cadet in the US, and Sarah Jalli for now becoming the #1 Ranked Cadet in the US.

The $3000 Nittaku Ohio Open tournament was managed using TTLive. TTLive player logins allow players to view and record game results on their mobile devices. Access TTLive at from any browser. FOR THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 21st ONLY your club can use TTLive free for 90 days for league and tournament management. To create a TTLive club, log in to TTLive and select ‘Create Club’.  

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